Cha De Bugre Review

Cha De Bugre diet pillsCha de Bugre is a natural slimming product that comes from Brazil and has become a new trend with dieters.

Cha de Bugre is the fruit of a tree which grows in Brazil, and because of its successful slimming results it has become very popular with consumers all over the world.

Success came first in the USA and then in Japan and Haiti. Now the pill is available to dieters who have been waiting for this natural diet pill for a long time.

However, dieters should be especially careful because there are several products on the market that claim to use Cha de Bugre in the list of their ingredients, but they either use a fake substance, or they use substances of unknown origin and doubtful effectiveness.

This makes UK dieters a bit sceptical about the diet pill which is marketed with plenty of hype and exaggerated claims.  Diet pills that are made of the real Cha de Bugre can prove helpful in reducing weight.

Apart from Cha de Bugre, there is another slimming product, Emagrece Slim, which has recently appeared on the market, probably to claim some of the fame and popularity.

What Is Cha de Bugre?

Cha de Burge is a tree, about 26-40 feet high, indigenous to South America.  It grows in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay and it produces a kind of red berry which looks like a coffee bean. In several parts of Brazil this berry is roasted and brewed to give a kind of beverage which people drink as a coffee substitute.

This is what Brazilians call “café de mato” or “coffee of the woods.” People who drank the coffee noticed that it helped them lose weight and that is how the fruit started being used in diet pills.

Another plant which is used successfully as an appetite suppressant is Hoodia Gordonii, which looks like a cactus and is indigenous to South Africa.

What Does Cha de Burge Contain?

The formulation of this natural product is really simple.  It contains only Cha de Burge Extract and Green Tea Extract.

How Does Cha de Bugre Work?

In Brazil, where the product is widely used, people really appreciate its good results. Women especially enjoy its anti-cellulite properties and everybody enjoys a nice boost of energy and its effect as a heart tonic.

Its acts both as an appetite suppressant and as an energy booster.  Since Green Tea Leaves have been added to the extract, it can raise the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)of the body and make weight loss faster and easier.

The way it works may remind of the fast weight-loss results of the banned Ephedra.  However, Cha de Bugre does not present any of Ephedra’s serious side effects.

Ephedra is also a natural substance extracted from a Chinese plant called Ephedra Sinica.  This extract was used in diet products as it could increase the metabolic rate of the body and burn more calories. Ephedra was not safe, though.  There were reports of very serious, sometimes fatal, side effects and the product was banned in 2004.  Learn more about Ephedra

Can Cha de Bugre Cause Any Side Effects?

It is a natural stimulant which does not cause any side effects when used on its own. However, when used in combination with other stimulants, such as Green Tea, dieters may experience a feeling of restlessness like having consumed a large amount of caffeine.

Dieters who are sensitive to stimulants may also experience feelings of anxiety, dryness in the mouth, headaches or insomnia.

Is Cha de Bugre Effective?

Those who really know how effective Cha it can be are people in Brazil who have used it for years.  In South America, it is very popular but it’s never mixed with other ingredients and it is sold in the form of extracts, teas or tinctures.

Are There Any Advantages?

The main advantage of the product is its lack of side effects. People in Brazil have used Cha de Burge for years with very good results, and now dieters who have used it all over the world have only given it excellent testimonials and very good reviews.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The fact that several other ingredients have been added to the formulation of this slimming product can reduce the power and effectiveness of Cha de Burge.

Where Can I Buy Cha de Bugre?

Can be easily purchased from several online stockists, but you can also buy it from major high street pharmacies and health stores all over the country.

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Ephedrine Tablets – Weight Loss Benefits, Legal Status And Where To Buy

Ephedrine tabletsEphedrine is the active component contained in the herb ephedra (ephedra sinensis). The herb has a long history of use in Chinese medicine. Its use as a treatment for asthma and bronchitis has been documented since the Han dynasty (206 BC — 220 AD), and Chinese herbalists continue to use Ephedra as a treatment for a variety of illnesses.

The various benefits ephedrine can provide have also been noted by doctors and scientists in the western world, and small quantities of the drug are often incorporated in over the counter cold and flu treatments because of its ability to relax the airways and facilitate easier breathing.

Ephedrine tablets can have a positive effect on weight loss but the potential for side effects offsets this. Several years ago Ephedrine and phentermine were in demand but now with the advance in the commercial industry using Ephedrine is a massive compromise compared to products such as PhenQ. PhenQ contains A-Lacys Reset and capsimax powder – two natural substances tat can burn excess fat, stop the production of new fat cells and suppress apperite

What is Ephedrine and What Benefits Does it Offer?

ephedra plant where Ephedrine come fromEphedrine is a naturally occurring alkaloid that is known act as a stimulant, but extracting ephedrine from the ephedra herb is a costly process so cheaper synthetic versions have become a popular alternative.

Although the drug is often used to open up restricted airways, it has many other uses and it is not unknown for students to take advantage of the stimulatory effects of ephedrine when they need greater levels of concentration for study or revision periods.

Some sports and fitness fanatics use the drug as well, to power more intense and/or productive training sessions, and ephedrine has also become a popular choice with people who require something to support their weight loss needs.

Ephedrine Weight Loss Benefits

Ephedrine has been scientifically proven to encourage thermogenesis. Tests conducted on mice showed it use caused the mice to metabolise significant amounts of brown fat, but the drug can assist dieters in several ways:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Fat burning
  • Increased energy levels

These are all promises that are made for any number of weight loss supplements, but in this case the promised benefits should be attainable, especially by those who are following a calorie controlled diet and taking regular exercise. Ephedrine works. It’s effective. But benefits can come at a price, the drug is known to be addictive and some of the negative aspects related to its use are extremely worrying.

The legal status is somewhat clouded and seems to change. At this point in tome Ephedrine is illegal to buy in supplement form in both the US and Australia. For more clarification click here

Side Effects and Health Issues

Ephedrine is known to interact badly with some medications and its use can produce a number of side effects. The drug’s ability to increase the heart rate and raise the blood pressure is particularly worrying and the fact that it has been linked to heart attacks and strokes has resulted in it use becoming restricted in some countries.

Many dieters are either unaware of the potential dangers of the drug, or choose to ignore them, and, in 2012, the Daily Mail (a UK daily national newspaper) ran a story that highlights how dangerous such an ignorance can be. It related to the tragic consequences faced by a 39-year old dieter in Suffolk.

The lady in question wanted to shed a few pounds before her wedding day, so she began taking ephedrine. Just two tablets a day was all that was needed to lose the required weight, but four years later she was addicted to the tablets and her health was in decline. A visit to her doctor revealed the drug had caused pulmonary hypertension and her doctor then told her she had less than ten years to live.

Not all ephedrine related side effects are physical. The drug can also interfere with the mind and cause a variety of problems:

Panic attacksMania/hallucinations

Future Potential

should I take EphedrineThe use of ephedrine is a very controversial subject. The benefits it offers cannot be denied, but neither can the many dangers it presents. It has the potential to improve—and possibly save—lives, but the incorrect use of this drug can also result in lost and ruined lives. A further cause for concern is presented by the fact that many users of the drug are totally unaware of the associated threats, and those who are aware take them too lightly.

As a drug, and as a treatment, ephedrine has much to offer, and many of the dangers related to its use could be avoided by a doctor’s supervision.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) are well aware of the dangers this drug presents, and have voiced further concerns over the fact that ephedrine can also be used in the illegal manufacture of the drug crystal meth. [read more]

The MHRA believe that ephedrine should be made available as a prescription only medication, and if such a law is ever passed it would solve a lot of problems. The prescribing doctor could ensure the drug was only available to suitable users, and would also be able to monitor any side effects, thus  allowing ephedrine to live up to its true potential while also removing much of the danger associated with its use.

Alternatives To Ephedrine

PhenQ in AustraliaArguably the best current alternative is the excellent PhenQ. PhenQ is completely legal in virtually all countries that allow free trade.

PhenQ is manufactured under strict safety guidelines and adheres to all necessary health and safety regulations.

PhenQ is made from natural and pharmacy quality ingredients.

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5:2 Diet – What Are The Positives And Negatives, Is It Really Worthwhile

5/2 diet planFor a long time people associated weight loss with fasting. In fact the whole concept of dieting meant to fast and lose weight drastically.

It is only in the late 20th century that the doctors, nutritionists and health experts redefined the concept of dieting.

The present day weight loss advice incorporates a proper and balanced diet with mostly frequent meals and intermittent health snacks.

It works well if you are disciplined about what you are eating and carrying on with regular workouts. But with so many personal and professional commitments it may not very easy to stick to a routine like this in the long run.

If there is a need to lose weight drastically and fast, then the usual sedate methods won’t work. What the body needs, to be shaken out of its stupor,  some drastic action. One can get a taste of it from the 5:2 diet which is shakes up the system, increases metabolic power and helps in weight loss naturally.

What is the 5:2 diet

Woman eatingThe main idea behind the diet is to eat merrily for 5 days and fast for the next 2. In reality, most nutritionists will advise that you don’t really fast but undergo severe calorie restriction for these two days to make up for any excesses that you may have had in the past 5 days.

Also called the intermittent fasting diet by some, it is a concept which has long been in use by several religious and cultural norms over the centuries, where rituals paved the way for good health when events would lead to excessive indulgences.

Ideally, the 5:2 diet allows one to have whatever they wish on the 5 days of normal diet. This means that one can eat and drink as much as they wish and have all kinds of food without worrying about fats ad calories.

The 52 diet principleAfter these five days would come the two days of fasting or restricted diet. For men the restriction means they have to stay within a 600 calorie diet and for women it means that they have to stay have within a 500 calorie diet. How you organize your meals and distribute your calories is up to you as long as you do not cross the upper limit of your diet restriction.

One can start the day with a heavy breakfast of bacon and eggs, have a light lunch and a very simple and early dinner like soup or salads. Grilled fish or meat with vegetables makes good light meals which fill you up but do not add to the calorie quotient too much.

The Fast Diet – Michael Mosley’s Slant on the 5:2 Principle

Micahel Mosley and the Fast DietWhat works is that this diet gives enough leeway to gorge on the good foods without any worries. The body can always make up for these excesses when it goes through the two days of restricted dieting.

Research has shown that this diet leads to drastic weight loss if followed carefully. One can even lose up to 14 pounds in six weeks like Dr. Michael J. Mosley.

Fast Diet BookMichael Mosley is the co-author of the book “The Fast Diet”. He experimented on this diet himself when he tried out the formula of intermittent fasting for six weeks.

In the very first week he lost 2 pounds and got more motivated to stick to the diet. In another six weeks he lost a total of 14 pound which was 25% of the body weight he had before.

His blood sugar and cholesterol levels also improved which shows how beneficial the diet is to keep both fit and healthy.

Experts say that this could be the one diet which can also fix eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.

How the 5:2 diet works

fat storageThe principle behind the diet is that once the body goes into the fasting mode it stops storing fat. In fact, after some time it turns towards the stored fat to get the requisite calories and energy to sustain itself. Thus, very naturally the fat burning system is turned on and all excess fat is slowly drained away from the system.

After five days of eating what you can the two days to diet gives the body a chance to repair and recover its lost equilibrium.

Since the restricted diet is only temporary there is no real fear of hunger. Besides, even though it is called the fasting diet no one really fasts.

Think Lent and you will get the picture. In the long run, one will not only lose weight but also lead a healthier life with lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, lesser risks of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and increased stamina for leading a more active life.

Is The 5:2 Diet Recommended

Of all the diets we have reviewed this is one of the hardest to persevere with but also one of the most rewarding. If you want almost guaranteed weight loss method – try this.

Associated Products

52 Fast Formula reviewA product that is particularly effective either on its own or used in conjunction with the 5:2 Diet is the 5:2 Fast Formula.

It is an appetite suppressant that is made from Konjac root and minerals an vitamins.

The 5:2 Diet is often criticised for its difficulty and that is may deny or deprive users vital nutrients – the 5:2 Fast Formula solves both counts.

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