What Is The Best Yacon Syrup – Is It Really the “Metabolism Game Changer”

Yacon root capsulesYacon syrup is an alternative sweetener that may pack substantial benefits way beyond perking up a cup of coffee. It is reputed to assist in weight-loss, lower blood sugar and promote gastrointestinal tract health.

Recently featured on the Dr.Oz show, this syrup has become the latest craze to be generated from a segment on that day time medical advice program. Before you make a run out to the nearest natural food store, read on to find out what yacon syrup is and whether it could help with your individual health goals.

The syrup as been capsulized and is available in supplementation form.

Evolution Slimming Yacon pure rootYacon Root capsules are now available to buy direct. A natural supplement to be taken twice a day that introduce the benefits to your system throughout the day

“73% of the 60 participants lost weight.
14 of the women lost 5 pounds or more.
Average weight loss was 2.9 pounds.
An average of 1.9 inches around their waists”

Findings from a clinical study revealed on the Dr Oz show

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What Is Yacon Syrup And How Does It Work

Yacon Root Extract very good for weight lossYacon root is distilled from the tuberous roots of the South American Yacon plant (Smallanthus sonchifolius) [source]. Yacon is also sometimes called Peruvian ground apple.  The roots are similar in taste and texture to Jicama. Significantly, the syrup contains up to 50% fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), and this is what all the buzz is about.

Fructo-oligosaccharides [source] are prebiotics which are a naturally occurring type of fiber that serves to nourish beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. They are also indigestible, so they add bulk to your stool and do not add many calories. Don’t confuse them with probiotics, which are live bacteria found in various foods, like some yogurts, that also benefit the gastrointestinal environment.

In a 2009 double-blind, placebo-controlled study, published in Clinical Nutrition, researchers concluded that yacon syrup was “a good source of fructo-oligosaccharides and its long-term consumption produced beneficial health effects on obese pre-menopausal women with insulin resistance.”

effects of yacon root on weight lossThe study involved 55 South American women who took two different amounts of yacon syrup daily for 4 months. Researchers observed “significant decrease in body weight, waist circumference and body mass index” among participants, as well as a decrease in fasting serum insulin. There was also a positive effect in serum LDL (aka bad cholesterol) levels. Fasting glucose was not affected and neither were fasting serum lipids.

This is significant because one of the key claims for yacon syrup is that it helps regulate blood sugar. While it is considered to have a low glycemic index and does not raise blood sugar levels, taking it did not lower fasting glucose levels. Be sure to discuss yacon syrup with your doctor before starting it to treat diabetes.

What Should You Look for

Yacon roor should be a 100% pure product, avoid syrups that have added fillers or other things like water.

Even with 100% pure yacon root, it can be difficult to know exactly how many grams of FOS you are getting based on the serving size. Most brands give a recommended serving size, but do not detail how many grams of FOS are in each serving.

One example gave a recommended serving size of 13 grams or 2 Tablespoons. For this example, if you assume the maximum 50% FOS content, each 2Tbsp serving has at most approximately 6.5 grams of FOS.

Yacon Root Media Focus

Dr Oz superfruitsThe Dr.Oz show conducted their own 4 week study of yacon syrup on 60 women, 40 of whom completed the trial.  Participants had regular doses throughout the day

The show reported that a majority of participants lost about 5 lbs in 4 weeks with no other change to diet or exercise.

They also reported that blood sugar levels were lowered.  This last point seems to contradict results of the 2009 study.

“this is the reason I am passionate about yacon, it’s not related to the weight loss, Yes you’ll lose weight of course ..this is the main reason why people will buy it, but if it can get your blood sugar down that’s a major, major plus for life and longevity for us when it comes to your health.” -Dr. Oz

Any Side Effects

The Yacon plant is related to sunflowers. People with an allergy or sensitivity to sunflower seeds or oil should avoid yacon syrup.

Fructo-oligosaccharides appear to be safe when taken in amounts less than 30 grams per day. Commonly reported side effects include stomach cramps, bloating, flatulence (gas) and intestinal noises. Taken in amounts less than 10 grams per day, these effects are generally mild.

Yacon root appears to be indicated for the treatment of both constipation and (traveler’s) diarrhea. It all depends on which source you choose to believe.  As if that were not confusing enough, the sources which recommend it for constipation warn that it can cause diarrhea and vice versa. Since these sources directly contradict each other, it would be best to consult a physician before taking Yacon syrup for either of these conditions.

There has not been enough research done on Fructo-oligosaccharides when it comes to pregnant women or nursing mothers, therefore they are urged to err on the side of caution and avoid this product.

Extracts from the yacon leaf were tested for their anti-diabetic effectiveness and found to cause renal toxicity in rats. Stick to the syrup and avoid teas and powders made from the leaves.

Should You Use Yacon Syrup In Your Diet

Yacon root is an effective dietary supplement that can aid in weight loss and improve the intestinal environment due to its prebiotic properties.  Yacon syrup can also be part of a low glycemic or diabetic-friendly diet as it is a low calorie, low sugar food.  Taking the root to treat diabetes should be discussed with a physician first, as the evidence for its effectiveness on diabetes is debatable.  Exercise moderation to avoid gastro-intestinal side effects.

Where To Buy Yacon Syrup

Yacon Root TabletsAvailable to buy from Evolution Slimming. Yacon Root Pure is a 100% natural product that is has a 30 day money back guarantee.

Evolution Slimming slimming ship to all countries including Australia, the United States, Canada and the UK.

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Is Hoodia Legal in Australia

Hoodia diet pillsHoodia Gordonii entered the diet-pill market around the turn of the millenium about 1999, and its use has been considered a breakthrough in the slimming industry. Over a decade and half later it is still considered to be arguably the most effective appetite suppressant in existence.

No other natural product has received as many excellent testimonials from successful dieters as Hoodia Gordonii. The product has also been presented on TV and has been endorsed by top-class celebrities.

The active substance in the Hoodia diet pills is called P57 and is extracted from the Hoodia Gordonii cactus-like plant.  Because Hoodia proved a successful appetite suppressant, it has been added in a great number of different slimming products.

However, not all products are equally effective, and there has been a lot of controversy on their quality and effectiveness.

Tom  Mangold Hoodia

Tom Mangold Hoodia

Tribesmen in the Kalahari Desert have known the appetite suppressing properties of this extraordinary plant for years, but it was Tom Mangold who made it known to the West with his “60 Minutes” BBC Programme.

Mangold made long trips to the Kalahari Desert and studied how the tribesmen used the plant in order not to feel hungry when food was really scarce, or when they spent long days on hunting trips with very little food available.

While Tom Mangold made Hoodia known in the UK, it was Oprah Winfrey who stirred great interest in the product when she presented it on her chat show.  Many other TV shows followed, both in the USA and Europe, and Hoodia became known all over the world.  Thousands of orders came in after USA dieters watched advertising programmes on CNN and ABC.

If you haven’t watched the above programmes about Hoodia Gordonii, this article will provide you with answers to your questions, and clear your doubts about this wonderful appetite suppressant.

The Hoodia Plant

Hoodia gordonii plant AustraliaHoodia is a rather ugly plant which looks like a cactus and it has a very unpleasant smell.

It grows in arid places all over the Kalahari Desert in Central Namibia and Angola. The plant is commonly called “Queen of the Namib,” and its most popular variety is Hoodia Gordonii because of its properties as an appetite suppressant.

When Did Hoodia Become Known?

The indigenous people of Namibia, Angola and the surrounding areas of the Kalahari Desert have known about the plant for centuries and they have used it to treat stomach problems, and fight the pains of hunger when food was scarce, especially when they had to travel for long periods of time.

The South African Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) studied the plant, and in 1977, they managed to isolate a molecule, which is the active ingredient that can suppress appetite and which they called P57. This active appetite suppressing ingredient was patented in 1996, and started being used in several slimming products.

Source: http://www.csir.co.za/enews/2011_dec/14.html

Yes, it’s the same plant that helped the skinny Kalahari tribesmen, who had nothing to eat, not feel the pains of hunger and the obese Westerners to lose weight because they have too much to eat!

P57: The Molecule that Suppresses Appetite

suppress appetite with HoodiaScientists tried to find the active ingredient in the Hoodia Gordonii plant which is so successful in suppressing appetite.  The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research managed to spot the P57 molecule that has these properties, and they also estimated the amount necessary to suppress appetite effectively.

Research in the slimming industry has also shown that Hoodia Gordonii is the plant variety used in the best appetite suppressants, and the one that can help dieters lose weight in the safest and most effective way.

Appetite suppression is the best method for losing weight. Thepains of hunger and cravings for snacks are the main reasons that make people eat more, take in more calories and store fat in their bodies. Fighting both of them makes cutting down on large quantities of food easy to achieve and guarantees successful weight loss.

Does Hoodia cause Side Effects?

Since Hoodia is a 100% natural product, there are no side effects at all.  You will only need to choose the correct Hoodia pill because those slimming products that contain the cheap extract of the plant are not really effective. Moreover, dieters have to make sure that the diet pills they buy contain only genuine Hoodia and not fake or chemically-produced substances.

One more advantage is that Hoodia is not an addictive substance, and you can discontinue its use when you have lost the desired weight and improved your health and fitness. One strange “side effect” is that some dieters feel a higher sex drive, but Hoodia is also an aphrodisiac!

Different Forms of Hoodia Products

As we mentioned above, Hoodia is a desert plant that looks like a cactus and not available to be consumed raw as the Kalahari Tribesmen have done for centuries.  Because of its effectiveness, manufacturers all over the world have created a large variety of slimming products containing Hoodia, such as capsules, drinks, slimming patches and slimming Hoodia sweets!

The most effective products are the ones that contain raw freeze-dried Hoodia powder and Unique Hoodia is such an example.

How Soon Does Hoodia Take Effect?

Hoodia can suppress appetite very successfully and you will stop eating large quantities of food or have frequent cravings for snacks very soon.  According to instructions, dieters should take Hoodia about 45 minutes before meals. When you take the product for the first time, you will feel that your appetite is not as keen as before after about 48 hours.

Can I Combine Hoodia With Other Diet Pills?

The most important thing to know is that Hoodia is one of the most effective products on the market, so you won’t need to take anything to supplement its effectiveness.

However, there is absolutely no restriction on using Hoodia alongside other slimming supplements if you feel like doing so.  Since Hoodia is a natural product it does not react with other substances to cause undesired adverse reactions.

What about Hoodia Side Effects?

Hoodia is an ablsolutely safe appetite suppressant and there are no reports for side effects.  However, it is advisable not to use Hoodia, or any other appetite suppressant, when you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Will I have to take Hoodia for long?

The length of time you will have to use Hoodia depends mainly on the amount of weight you have to lose.  If you have to lose just a few pounds then the time you will need to take Hoodia, is going to be relatively short. But if you need to shed several stone it will be necessary to take Hoodia for a longer period.  And always have in mind that not everyone loses weight at the same rate.

Will I regain weight?

Another good thing about using Hoodia is that you won’t take back any weight after you stop taking it, as your stomach will have shrunk and you will only need a small amount of food to feel full and satisfied.

Why Aren’t All Hoodia Products the Same?

The excellent appetite suppressing properties of Hoodia and its widespread popularity led a large number of nutrition-related manufacturers to release an extremely large number of different Hoodia slimming products, from diet pills to slimming Hoodia drinks.

Cites CertificateBecause of this large demand, the Hoodia plant in South Africa was almost on the verge of extinction and measures had to be taken.  New Hoodia farms were started by serious manufacturers who cultivated, harvested and sold the plant under a CITES Certificateto prevent fake and illegitimate products from entering the market.

Before buying any Hoodia product, make sure that it is CITES certified, as this guarantees the quality and authenticity of the product.  Even if a diet pill is advertised as containing “genuine Hoodia,” we advise you to avoid buying it if it is not CITES certified.

Fake products do not contain the p57 molecule that is the active appetite suppressing ingredient contained in genuine Hoodia Gordonii, and purchasing them is just a waste of money.  It has been estimated that about 80% of the advertised as “genuine Hoodia” products, are either fake or contain a synthetic p57 molecule.

If you buy a cheap or fake Hoodia Gordonii product, you are most likely to experience all kinds of side effects since the ingredients used in such products can be dangerous. We advise dieters to do some research before buying any Hoodia slimming product and always look for the CITES Certificate to accompany it.

Our preference is for Unique Hoodia.

The product is sourced from South Africa, the product can be sent internationally including Australia.

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Easy Ways To Burn Extra Calories Each Day

how to burn calories quicklyIf you want to lose weight then you have to burn more calories than you are taking in. Therefore if you are consuming 1800 calories a day, you must burn at least 500 more than that daily if you are to lose a reasonable amount of weight each week.

There are many simple ways to burn 100, 200 or even 500 calories extra per day without having to break a sweat. The following are just a few:

Go dancing

Hit the dance floor at your local night club or disco and give it your all. If you’re not comfortable doing that then put on some music at home and dance around the living room.

Do it for at least 30 minutes non-stop. If you can’t dance there are lots of dance based exercise DVDs that are a lot of fun to do and cost less than $10.

Drink water

Fruit juices and soda are high in sugar and calories. If you are drinking these on a regular basic you could well be drinking hundreds of thousands of calories per year.

Just think how many pounds in weight that might equate to! Instead drink plenty of water throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated. If you want a hot drink try green tea – it’s full of antioxidants and is very beneficial for weight loss.

Think of your body as a sort of bank account where your aim is to keep your daily calorie intake to around to 2200 (for an average sized woman) – if you take on more calories than perhaps you should you should balance this with some sort of calorie burning action.

Maintain a food diary

Studies have shown that the vast majority of people underestimate exactly how much they consume each day. Keep a diary for a week and write down every little think you eat or drink, no matter how small.

Tally it up at the end of the week and you might be surprised at exactly how much you are eating.

If you have a smartphone there are apps that make it very easy to enter the foods you have eaten and they calculate your calorie and nutritional intake for you – 2 popular ones are Myfitnesspal and Mynetdiary.

Use a pedometer

Those leading a sedentary lifestyle (sitting down most of the day, maybe at a desk job etc.) usually only take 2000-3000 steps per day, however it is recommended you take 10,000 steps a day for optimum health.

Don’t jump in at the deep end though – try to increase by 1000 steps per week.

Bulk up your meals with vegetables

It is important to keep yourself feeling full when you are on a diet, otherwise you’ll probably reach for an unhealthy snack (we all do it!).

Add as many vegetables as you like to your meals, for example if you are making pasta salad use less pasta and more veggies. You can also eat vegetables throughout the day as snacks – carrot sticks, celery sticks and raw cauliflower are all popular snacks and easy to prepare.

Remember you don’t have to overhaul your entire eating and exercise habits. Sometimes by making just a few simple lifestyle changes you can lose weight without too much effort.

Do things that you know will be easy to stick to, otherwise it is all too easy to give up.

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