Apidexin, Does It Work, Side Effects Where To Buy

Apidexin fat burner reviewAccording to its makers, Apidexin is the “World’s Strongest Fat Burner” which can help you “Lose up to 400% More Weight.”

If you ask “400% more weight than what?”there seems to be no answer and the whole promotion of this slimming tablet can be thought of as a form of exaggerated marketing tactics.

Apidexin – A Strong Fat Burner

We read on the product’s official website that the manufacturers of Apidexin appointed a research and development team to create this product.

The team chose 8 patent-pending ingredients with very effective fat burning properties and according to their claims, they created the “World’s Strongest Fat Burner.”

Today Apidexin is considered to be one of the most potent non-prescription fat burners, but customers are not provided with details of the clinical tests and the scientific results of the experimental use of the product.

The official website of the diet pill provides a lot of details on each of the pill’s ingredients, but dieters need to know more about how all these work in synergy and what kind of results to expect.

Apidexin Ingredients

Apidexin is a proprietary blend of the following ingredients.

  • Bioperine – it is black pepper extract, promotes the natural thermogenic properties of the body and helps it burn more of its stored fat
  • Forslean 95% Forskohliin – a safe alternative to ephedrine which makes fat cells melt, and promotes lean muscle tissue
  • Guggul EZ100™ – controls blood lipid levels and optimizes the functioning of the thyroid gland
  • Infinergy-Dicaffeine Malate – stimulates thermogenesis and increases the energy levels of the body
  • Lipolide-SC – breaks down the fat that is stored in the body but without affecting the central nervous system or increasing the blood pressure
  • Razberi-K – a raspberry extract that can help reduce the levels of fat in the body
  • Thermodiamine™ 98% evodiamine – is the extract of the fruit Evodia Rutaecarpa and assists lipolysis without causing side effects
  • Wakame™ Seaweed 10% Fucoxanthin – controls cholesterol levels, optimizes the functioning of the liver and increases the metabolic rate of the body
  • Fucoxanthin is a substance that is also contained in FucoThin and is known for its thermogenic properties

Apidexin Side Effects

There are no reports of serious side effects, but as a powerful fat burner that contains strong caffeine-like stimulants, Apidexin may cause headaches, restlessness or feelings of anxiety.  These are common side effects for most fat burners and Apidexin cannot be an exception.

What Do Dieters Say about Apidexin

On Apidexin official website there are several positive reviews and testimonials from happy customers who explain how they managed to lose weight successfully with this fat burner.

We think that almost all reviews and success stories on a product’s official website are either biased or exaggerated.

If dieters want to find the real facts about a product they should visit independent sites or chat rooms where all kinds of testimonials are posted.

Another point on their official website is the fact that they claim that the return rate of the product is only 2%. We think that if this is true, it happens because dieters who are not satisfied do not have easy access to the company, as they provide customers with limited contact details.

Does Apidexin Work

Apidexin is advertised as a potent fat burner with a proprietary blend of either patented or patent-pending ingredients.  According to its manufacturers, it is clinically proven and it can produce visible results in a short time.

Its makers also claim that Apidexin can be more powerful than even some prescription diet pills, and there are several positive testimonials posted on their site.

We have no reason to believe that Apidexin is not a powerful fat burner, but there are no real facts available to support the manufacturers’ claims.  So, we think that dieters should be cautious as there might be some side effects that are not yet known.

Where Is Apidexin Available, Stockists

Apidexin is not available in pharmacies or high street stores in the UK so customers will have to order it either from its official website or from several other Internet stockists.

While this seems absolutely all right with some UK dieters, there are others who feel that they cannot fully trust the product if they cannot have direct contact with the company that manufactures it.

They think that if, for any reason, they need to return the product, or if they have some kind of problem or question, there would be no one they could contact.

We think that Apidexin manufacturers should do something to improve their customer support service.

A Much Better Proven Alternative

If your diet consists of high fatty food types you would benefit greatly using PhenQ

It has been clinically proven in numerous tests and is guaranteed to produce the weight loss results you are looking for.

Taking PhenQ you can

  • PhenQ best diet pillClinically proven to reduce fat intake by almost 30%
  • You can expect to lose 5lbs per week
  • Experience zero side effects
  • Reduce calorie intake by almost 300 calories per day
  • Feel full for longer periods and reduce food cravings

PhenQ is 100% natural and comes with a complete risk free, 60 day money back guarantee.

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Grenade Thermo Detonator Review, Does It Work, Side Effects and Stockists

Thermo Detonator grenade diet pillThermo Detonator is a weight management capsule produced by Grenade.

The company also produce a range of other dietary supplements, but Thermo Detonator appears to be their most popular product and a mixture of impressive claims and bold promises are employed to convince the consumer to buy.

It is a worldwide product with slightly different formula’s introduced to each country.

Claims to be the UK’s best selling fat burner. Also targets America, Australia and New Zealand with similar claims.

  • The product is supposedly the recipient of several diet pill of the year awards, but no information is offered about the awarding organization(s), so it is easy to take the claims with a pinch of salt.
  • Thermo booster is also touted as the best fat burner on the market, but similar claims are made for any number of competing products and these claims always beg the question, “Who says so?”
  • Grenade also state that their products are favorite supplements of UK and US military personnel, but once again, with no evidence to back up the statement, it is all too easy to blow these claims right out of the water.

Grenade state their products are suitable for use by consumers of either sex, but their marketing methods are targeted very much towards alpha males.

Promised Benefits

Grenade thermo e detonator websiteVague references are made to the possibility of appetite suppression, but their biggest promises are for Thermo Detonator’s fat burning capabilities.

The product also contains stimulants, so all the usual claims are made for enhanced mental focus and increased energy while training.

Calorie counting is deemed very important though, and much emphasis is made on reducing the calorie intake until weight loss is achieved.

This is very good advice indeed, but it is hardly supportive of their product, because strict dieting can result in weight loss without the need for supplementation.

Key Ingredients

Most supplements contain a blend of ingredients that are specific to the product, but the ingredients used in Thermo Detonator are location specific. This makes the product very hard to evaluate because customers in one country may receive a totally different product to those who live elsewhere in the world.

The US blend contains:

Green Tea Extract Bitter Orange Extract
Caffeine AhydrousGrapefruit Extract
Capsicum AnnuumEvodiamine
Yohimbe Bark ExtractPhenylalanine
Cocoa Bean ExtractPheneythylamine HCI
Coleus ForskohlinYerba Mate Leaf
Magnesium StearateChlorophyllin Copper Complex Sodium
Titanium Dioxide

The blend sold to customers in the UK, EU, and South Africa, fewer ingredients and there is very little similarity between the blends.

  • Green Tea  500 mg
  • Bitter Orange   420 mg
  • Caffeine   225 mg
  • Cayenne  200 mg
  • Phenylalanine  25 mg
  • Green Coffee  10 mg

Apparently there are further differences in the blends offered to customers who live elsewhere in the world, and the only way to find out about these blends is by emailing Grenade and asking them.

If you do intent to use please read this warning about one of the ingredients – bitter orange. http://nccam.nih.gov/health/bitterorange

Recommended Dosage

Two capsules should be taken half an hour before breakfast. Two more should be taken before lunch, but if some form of training or sports activity is being pursued the second dose should be delayed until half an hour before training.

New users are advised to take half the normal dosage for the first few days, to ascertain any side effects and gauge the severity.

Success Stories

The official website contains a few statements like “Awesome Stuff!”, but none of the statements show the name of the person they are supposedly attributable to and specific weights and measurements are not mentioned.

Independent reviews are also available, but they do little to endorse the product because, with so many versions on the market, it is impossible to know which blend the reviews refer to.

Side Effects and Known Issues – US Version

Several consumers report nasty side effects, including stomach cramps and increased bowel movement. One review states:

“Gave me shakes and headaches and I drank more than enough water. Something didn’t agree with me and was a waste of money as I could no longer use after two unsuccessful attempts.”

Many of the ingredients are known to interact badly with certain prescription medications. Others are more worrying still.

Evodiamine can affect the blood’s ability to clot, Yohimbe can increase blood pressure, irritate the prostate and may even damage the heart. Some of the other ingredients are just as alarming so potential users are urged to seek medical advice before using this product.

The Verdict

None of the claims made for this product hold up to close scrutiny. A few of the ingredients may have merit, but the many negative health issues associated with some ingredients mean that this product is best avoided.

The variety of available blends is also a problem, and customer feedback is rendered useless, because any successes and/or side effects cannot be pinned down to a specific blend.

Thermo Detonator is an impressive looking product and has obviously benefitted from a very clever marketing department, but once the hype and fancy packaging are removed the consumer is left is a handful of promises and a product that may produce some potentially dangerous side effects. There are many better—and safer—alternatives available.

Where To Buy, Stockists

Grenade can be purchased directly from the company website and is also available, worldwide, from a variety of independent retailers, but the product does not have a money back guarantee.

Recommended Alternatives

PhenQ best diet pillPhenQ is also a thermogenic fat burner that can also suppress appetite. It isa hybrid that uses both natural and pharmaceutical class ingredients.

PhenQ has been around since 2015 and gained a rather large following in several countries.

Its clever use of testimonials has to seen to be believed.

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Accomplix Review, Does It Work, Ingredients

Accomplix diet pill reviewCreated by the well-known Advanced Pharmaceuticals, Accomplix is a non-prescription diet pill especially designed for heavily overweight or obese people.

Its triple action involves appetite suppression, increase of the metabolic rate and control of the insulin levels in the body.

In spite of the fact that its name reminds of the banned Acomplia, Accomplix is still a good name for a diet pill as it can be associated with “accomplishments.”

Unlike the banned Acomplia, or the banned Ephedra which caused depression and other psychiatric problems, Accomplix is though to be the hottest diet pill in the USA, because of its good results and because it meets the FDA guidelines for slimming pills. Accomplix also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Is Accomplix Successful?

As we mentioned above, Accomplix is considered to be a successful aid against obesity, and it seems to have formed a trend in weight loss in the USA.  Dieters prefer it because it can act in the brain and trick it into thinking that the stomach is full. In this way, they do not feel the pangs of hunger, which are the main reason for overeating.

However, apart from Hoodia Gordonii which is a proven and effective substance, all the other ingredients Accomplix contains are rather simple and common.


  • Cinnamon Bark – Can help decrease the levels of sugar in the blood
  • Citrus Aurantium – An ephedra-like substance which can increase the metabolic rate
  • Green Tea – Provides the body with antioxidants and helps increase energy levels and the metabolic rate of the body
  • Guarana – This is an extract from a kind of berry which contains large amounts of caffeine
  • Gugglesterones – Extract from a plant called Gum Guggul, which stimulates the thyroid gland, boosts metabolism and lowers cholesterol levels

But the most effective ingredient in Accomplix seems to be Hoodia Gordonii.

This is the extract of a cactus-like plant which grows in or around the Kalahari Desert.  Native people have used Hoodia to suppress their appetite for years, and today, there are a lot of slimming pills containing Hoodia to help dieters eat less and lose weight successfully.

However, consumers have to be careful because in order for the ingredient to be effective there must be at least 400mg of raw powder in each capsule.

Can Accompix Cause Side Effects?

As with most fat burners which contain caffeine, the most common side effect is a feeling of anxiety or restlessness. Also, if the pill is taken late in the evening, it may cause light sleeping disorders. Generally, Accomplix is a safe diet pill and there have not been any reports of serious side effects.

Is Accomplix an Effective Diet Pill?

Despite its popularity in the USA, we don’t think that Accomplix would be the best choice for you. Also have in mind that not everybody reacts in the same way and there may be some dieters who experience faster weight loss results than others.

Do You Recommend Accomplix?

We wouldn’t recommend Accomplix for UK dieters as there are several other effective diet pills they could choose from. Moreover, since the product comes from the USA, the cost of shipping will make its already high price even higher.

Another reason for not recommending it is that we do not have exact information on the quantities of each substance it contains, or any results concerning clinical tests or scientific studies of the product.

A Very Effective Alternative

PhenQ best diet pillIf your diet consists of mainly carbohydrates then PhenQ would be your best weight loss option. PhenQ is one of the new breed of diet pill complexes.

With its very impressive weight loss results and testimonials, PhenQ is fast becoming one of the most successful diet pills around.      

It has a complex of four very active weight loss ingredients combined into one pill. It is mainly a carb blocking pill, but will help you to:

  • Suppress your appetite so you consume fewer calories
  • Burn the calories that you consume and turn them in to energy
  • Block up to 82% of the carbohydrates you consume
  • Speed up your metabolism to help burn away your stubborn fatty deposits

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