Forskolin fat burner and metabolism booster

Forskolin fat burnersForskolin is becoming an increasingly common addition to the labels of weight loss supplements, either as blend constituent or as a standalone ingredient.

The sudden interest in Forskolin may be partly due to the many studies conducted on the ingredient and the positive results attained, but like so many other popular weight loss providing ingredients these days most of the present buzz about forskolin can more probably be attributed to the intervention of America’s Dr. Oz., who called the ingredient “lightning in a bottle” and likened its fat burning powers to a furnace raging inside the body.

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What is Forskolin?

what is ForskolinForskolin is chemical extracted from the roots of the Indian plant coleus forskohlii. The ingredient has a long history of medicinal use and, when taken orally, it has been used as treatment for allergies, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, period pains, insomnia and many other common problems.

It is even a key ingredient in some eye drops used for the treatment of glaucoma; so it’s pretty safe to say forkolin is versatile, but despite its potential in so many areas a minority of users may need to exercise caution before using forskolin supplements or medications.

How Does Forskolin Assist Weight Loss?

Forskolin has the ability to stimulate the release of extra thyroid hormone. It also raises testosterone levels. The increased availability of these two important hormones triggers the fat burning process and is conducive to the growth of lean muscle tissue. Improved muscle structure is a benefit in itself, but science has shown muscle tissue burns calories more efficiently than fat tissue so it is not surprising the ingredient has such a good reputation as both a fat burner and as a lean body mass provider.

Scientific Studies

The fat burning benefits attributed to Forskolin have been put under the microscope many times and the majority of studies confirm the ingredient has merit as weight loss provider.

The March/April 2002 issue of Nutraceuticals published the results of a study conducted at an outpatient bariatric clinic in South Carolina. Six overweight women who were in otherwise good health were provided with bottles of Forskolin capsules. Each capsule contained 250mg of forskolin (standardized for 10%). They were told to take one capsule each morning, followed by a second capsule half an hour before eating their evening meal. The women were given strict instruction not to make any alterations to their normal eating and/or exercise habits. The study lasted eight weeks and the researchers noted a mean weight loss of 9.17 pounds that was accompanied by an increase in lean body mass. Faced with such evidence the researchers concluded:

“This preliminary data obtained with 250 mg bid of a 10% extract of Coleus forskohlii indicate that this botanical bears promise as a safe and effective weight loss regimen.”

The August 2005 issue of Obesity Research documented a 12-week study conducted at the University of Kansas. Thirty male volunteers were split into two groups of 15. One group received 250 mg of forskolin extract (10%) twice a day. The other group received a placebo. When the researchers examined the data they noted Forskolin supplementation has instigated several positive benefits:

  • Significant decrease in body fat
  • Significantly decreased fat mass percentage
  • Elevated serum free testosterone levels

The researchers also recorded a (non-significant) trend towards lean body mass and increased bone mass.

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Possible Forskolin Side Effects and Issues

Forskolin is often used an anticoagulant so it stands to reason the ingredient might not be suitable for anyone suffering from blood disorders that restrict the clotting process. It may also interact with some forms of prescription medication, including those used in the treatment or high blood pressure, so any potential forskolin user who is taking medication or has any known or suspected health issues may be best advised to seek medical advice before commencing supplementation.  This advice also holds true for pregnant and nursing mothers.

Concluding Thoughts

As a weight loss provider Forskolin shows a lot of promise. Dr. Oz’ comparison to a fire raging inside the body and burning away the fat is probably a tad enthusiastic, but the results documented by more cool-natured researchers, who have no need to wow a studio audience, cannot be argued with—forskolin is an effective fat burner.

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Some care is advised, however, in choosing a Forskolin fat burning product. A good ingredient does not guarantee an effective product. Inadequacies in the blending process can render even the best of ingredients powerless so bargain basement products are best avoided in favor of products produced by reputable suppliers with a good track record for producing effective supplements.

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