Is Phentermine Available To Buy In Australia Legally

Legal PhenterminePhentermine is an anorectic drug that is similar to the stimulant amphetamine. Despite the fact that is known to be addictive and can cause numerous adverse reactions, many dieters consider the drug to be the holy grail of weight loss.

However, although Phentermine can be an effective weight loss aid, many modern supplements can easily surpass its abilities without presenting the same dangers to the health.

Phentermine History and Availability in Australia

The drug has been available in the USA since 1959 and is presently only approved for sale there as a prescription medication. Here in Australia, Phentermine is distributed under the brand names of Duromine and Metermine.

Phentermine tablets

They are identical, but Duromine is the most popular brand and has been included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods since 16 July 1991. However, although the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has approved the two brands of Phentermine as prescription weight loss medications, doctors are only permitted to prescribe them to patients who have a BMI of 30 or higher or have a BMI of 25 to 29 that is accompanied by other risk factors such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

How Phentermine Assists Weight Loss

Phentermine pills Regardless of the brand name it is sold under, Phentermine is generally only taken once per day. After it has been absorbed into the system it suppresses the appetite and the effects generally last for 10 to 14 hours.

The drug works by causing changes in the body that make it behave in a manner that is similar to the way it would behave during times of danger.

Many changes occur within the body when a threat is detected. It’s called the fight or flight response. Feeling hungry could be a dangerous distraction during times of danger so the body produces chemicals that override the normal hunger mechanisms. Anxiety can trigger the same response. That’s why people sometimes report feeling too stressed to eat.

Hunger suppression helps people lose weight because it makes it easier to survive on less food and the daily calorie intake decreases accordingly. The body is a machine that runs on calories. If the diet does not provide enough it adapts to the situation by burning fat instead.

Strength Options

Duromine and Metermine are available in three strengths (15mg, 30mg, 40mg). The strength option offered will be at the prescribing doctor’s discretion, but the lower dose is usually reserved for people who have health problems that may make use of a higher dose unwise.

Why Phentermine is a Controlled Drug in Australia

Like it’s chemical cousin, amphetamine, Phentermine can be addictive, so the TGA only permit doctors to use it as a short-term obesity treatment.

The range and severity of Phentermine side effects is also daunting. Some of the minor side effects Phentermine users may experience include headaches, dizziness, and stomach pain, but not all users will be so lucky.

The drug can also cause serious regurgitate cardiac valvular disease and other reactions of a more frighting nature. The TGA website has a PDF document that lists some of the side effects Duromine users may face. It also provides information about the way the drug reacts with other medications. The TGA exists to help protect the health of Australian citizens, so although Phentermine can have value as a weight loss aid it presents too many dangers for its use to be sanctioned without a doctor’ supervision.

Why Phentermine is Overrated

If you discount all the negative health implications its use can entail and concentrate on its ability to suppress the appetite, Phentermine was good in its day. But that day is long past. A few diet pill manufacturers have developed formulations that offer dieters safer alternatives that deliver better results. The appetite is only one factor that influences weight loss.

The best Phentermine substitutes are capable of mimicking the drug’s appetite suppressing ability and also boost the body’s fat burning capabilities. Some of them offer additional features such as fat blocking and mood enhancement as well.

Appetite suppressants certainly have a role to play in weight loss, but they should not be seen as a be all and end all weight management aid. So although Phentermine can assist weight loss, there are other options available that can provide better results without the need for a prescription or nasty side effects.

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