213 Complex For Her – Fat Burning System

213 Complex For Her Australia213 Complex For Her is one part of a 24-hour fat burning system produced in America by a Carbonfire. The other two products are Thyrofire and Burnout.

The system is designed for women, and anyone who opts to purchase all three products can expect to pay $149.99, so the 213 Complex Fat Burning System is not a cheap way to lose weight.

However, it is possible to purchase 213 Complex For Her as a standalone item and it is this product we will concentrate on for the purposes of this review.

Carbonfire produce several products in the range including 213 Complex for Her, 213 Complex for Him, Thyrofire and burnout.

There is also the complete system with an ideology attached to it.

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What is 213 Complex For Her and How Does it Work? 

213 Complex For Her is designed to help women to maximize their fat loss loss results and, like so many other diet pill manufacturers, Carbonfire say their product is the “most powerful fat burning system ever developed. However, on a more positive note, 213 Complex For Her is not marketed as a magic pill. Carbonfire are very clear about the importance of diet and exercise.

Women who use 213 Complex For Her are promised the following benefits:

  • Increased metabolism and fat loss.
  • All day focused energy
  • Reduced cravings

Key Ingredients

Carbonfire say they are an “open book” when it comes to the ingredients used in their products. If this is so it is a very hard book to read. They provide a list of 24 ingredients and fail to state whether the list refers to one product or is combination of the ingredients used in all three products.

213 Complex For Her

Pictured above – the 213 Complex system

However, Carbonfire does specify three “key ingredients” for each product.

The three ingredients specified for 213 Complex For Her are:

  • Methyltheobromine: The title sounds very grand, but its just another name for one of the most common diet pill ingredients in the world—caffeine. It is a natural stimulant that can provide extra energy and improve mental focus. Caffeine also has proven fat burning abilities, but some people do not tolerate caffeine well. This is somewhat of an issue because the amount provided here is not disclosed.
  • Green Tea Extract: Another diet pill regular. Green tea contains antioxidants that support good health and offer protection from disease. It also provides a particular kind of antioxidant called catechins that have proven fat burning abilities, but results will only be forthcoming if an adequate quantity has been included.
  • Youvitan: A synthetic molecule that contains two Vitamin B1 molecules bound together. Youvitan is often used to fight the onset of fatigue, but it is not a popular diet pill ingredient and is unlikely to add much to the formulation.

Usage Instructions – One to two capsules should be taken with 18oz water, every morning, 30 minutes before a meal. The dose should be repeated six hours later.

Customers are encouraged to purchase Thyrofire as well and take the same quantity of pills at the same time as 213. Ladies who have well-stuffed purses can also purchase Burnout and take two capsules 45 minutes before they go to sleep.

However, tolerance issues may arise for some people, so ladies who are taking 213 (with or without the other products) are advised to begin with a low dose and monitor for side effects.

Customer Feedback

We were unable to find any customer feedback for this product.

Side Effects & Health Issues

Carbonfire says 213 is not suitable for people who are under 21-years of age or for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. They also state the formulation should not be used by anyone who is receiving treatment for high blood pressure, depression, or other illnesses. People who are using medication are also warned not to consume the product. Anyone who experiences rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, or other severe side effects should stop taking the pills at once and consult a physician.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

213 Complex For Her can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website. Carbonfire have also created a special website for the product the price is the same on both sites and, at $79.99, it is not a cheap diet pill.


Carbonfire say they believe in their product so much they provide a “100%” money back guarantee. Unfortunately, they fail to state its duration or anything else about the refund process.

The Bottom Line

Carbonfire does not provide enough information about their product to allow effective speculation about its possible abilities. It may assist with fat loss, but then again it may not. Caffeine and green tea can both contribute to fat burning, but the amounts included may not be sufficient to produce good results and there is no customer feedback to provide an indication of how the product has performed for past users.

All of this makes the product a bit of a gamble and the fact that the terms of the guarantee are not clearly specified only makes a bad situation worse. So although we cannot condemn 213 Complex For Her entirely neither can we recommend it.

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