72 Hour Diet Pill – Is it Worth Using

72 Hour Diet Pill72 Hour Diet Pill is promoted as an extremely powerful fat burner and on its official website its manufacturers claim that it can help you:

“Lose 12lbs in 72 hours, guaranteed!”

As you can understand, it is just another one of the many slimming products that use marketing hype and exaggeration to attract customers.

It is really difficult for us to believe that their guarantee lends any credibility to what this diet pill can do.

Anyone who has tried to lose weight knows that shedding their extra pounds is something really difficult. Losing 12 pounds in 3 days makes us sceptical, and of course, not everyone can have the same results.

If someone is pathologically obese and they need to lose 60 pounds, it could be feasible to lose almost a stone in such a short time, as they would lose mostly water and fluid and probably only a small amount of fat.

But if someone needs to lose 15 pounds, it is almost impossible tolose 12 pounds in 3 days!  This could be done only if their body became completely dehydrated, because the fat-burning process definitely takes longer than 3 days!

That is why our opinion is that the makers of 72 Hour Diet Pill only exaggerate in their attempt to attract as many customers as possible and they do not hesitate to use all kinds of unsubstantiated claims in order to achieve their goal.

Is 72 Hour Diet Pill a Strong Fat Burner?

According to its manufacturers the product is a fat burner, but as you will see from the ingredient list below, the only substance that can have fat burning effects is caffeine.

There are hundreds of slimming products on the market that contain caffeine and several other stimulants but do not make such claims.

On the other hand, the product contains two diuretic substances and that means that dieters are more likely to lose water which is retained in their body rather than burn their stored fat.

That is the reason why we are really sceptical of how this diet pill works. One more thing that dieters should know is that it is not safe for anyone to lose so much weight in such a short time.

72 Hour Diet Pill Ingredients

  • Caffeine – is the most common stimulant, and 72 Hour Diet Pill contains Caffeine Anhydrous, a very powerful form of caffeine. This stimulant can increase the metabolic rate and the energy levels of the boy and make it burn more calories. Caffeine is the most common ingredient in fat burners.
  • Dandelion Root – is mainly used as a diuretic but it is also known for balancing the levels of sugar in the blood.  Dandelion has also detoxification and antiviral properties.
  • Ginger Root – is used to promote the good circulation of the blood and prevent the formation of clots.  It is also known for calming the stomach and fighting symptoms of nausea.
  • Juniper Berries – are used as a strong diuretic but they are also known for protecting the urinary system from infections and for detoxifying the kidneys.
  • Potassium Gluconate – is a dietary supplement that can reduce blood pressure but it is also used to regulate the heart beat and maintain the balance of fluids in the body as well as its PH.
  • Uva Ursi – is a powerful detoxifier and helps the body get rid of the water it retains.

72 Hour Diet Pill Side Effects?

There have not been reports of serious side effects but its high content in caffeine can cause sleeping problems or insomnia to people who are sensitive.

It is also advisable that people who suffer from heart problems to consult with their doctor before taking this slimming product.  Also, some dieters may experience feelings of restlessness or agitation which are common side effects for fat burners.

72 Hour Diet Pill Pros

The pill is good for dieters who want to lose a few pounds in a short time, and it is also good for those people who retain a lot of water as it is a powerful diuretic.

72 Hour Diet Pill Cons

We find very annoying the fact that customers are not provided with all the support they may need after they buy the product.  They are only given an email address and that means that direct contact is impossible.

One more disadvantage is that the product is not meant for long-term use, or suitable for people who have a lot of pounds to shed.

“Crash diets” are not the healthiest way to lose weight.

Its high price is another disadvantage. This diet pill works in a similar way to 365 Day Diet Pill, but its price is significantly higher.

Is 72 Hour Diet Pill Effective?

If their exaggerated claims were true and dieters could lose one stone (6,35kg) in just 3 days, this could have been the “miracle” slimming product of all time.

But this is not the case and we have serious reasons to doubt their guarantee to give you a refund if you are not completely satisfied with the results!

Where Can I Buy 72 Hour Diet Pill?

You will not be able to find the product in high street stores or pharmacies, so the only way to get it is to order it from its official website or from eBay.

However, not many contact details are available on the website and that means limited communication in case you would like to return the product or if you have questions that need answers.

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