Abidexin – the fat burner that has changed its name from Apidexin

Abidexin fat burner reviewThere are so many weight loss miracle makers on the market today that promise the world – a Fitness World cover shoot within 30 days of swallowing tablets/drinking shakes/going on juice diets.

But how many of them actually deliver what they promise? And are they able to deliver on what they say they can? Could Abidexin finally be what everybody has been waiting for?

The sensational weight loss formula that is all natural with no side effects? Well with a full 90 day money back guarantee, there are lots of people jumping on the band wagon to find out.

What is in Abidexin and how does it work?

website of AbidexinThere are 4 main ingredients in Abidexin, but the real star of the show is their patented GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea extract that packs a seriously powerful punch backed up by the natural benefits of green tea which is known for its powerful weight loss abilities.

With 60% being polyphenols and 40% being EGCG, this extract is at the front of the queue when it comes to losing the most weight in a short space of time.

Caffeine Anhydrous is another powerful ingredient that is responsible for thermogenesis, or non-exercise fat burn, and as caffeine is a natural stimulant for both the mind and body, it helps you keep focused throughout the day as well.

Abidexin and Apidexin, what are the differences

There does not appear to be any differences apart from a slight name change.

Abidexin and Apidexin what are the differences

Another key ingredient, Green Coffee Bean Extract, is the extract that is causing all the media hype of late and was featured as top story on a leading doctor’s daytime television show – creating an intense amount of interest.

green coffee bean extractAccording to recent studies, Green Coffee Bean Extract is responsible for one person’s 17 pound weight loss in just 22 weeks, and almost 16% of their entire body fat. The key to this fat burning ingredient, the study claims, is the high amounts of phytochemical chologenic acid naturally occurring within the green coffee bean – which is said to be as high as 50% – which even we must admit is quite remarkable.

The product claims to be able to fire up and boost your metabolism, burning fat throughout the day and night, effectively being able to significantly reduce body fat percentage and centimetres at the same time.

In addition, it claims to also be able to increase your energy levels, boosting that feel good factor, without the normal jittery side effects of other weight loss supplements or detox pills.

The active ingredients come together pulling a powerful punch that immediately curbs food cravings, meaning that you feel fuller for longer and don’t crave the high fat, sugar rich foods that you did before. A number of clinical studies have taken place in order to back up the hard facts that Abidexin have laid a claim to, but as yet none of these ingredients or any aspect of the product has been reviewed by the FDA.

Are there any side effects when using Abidexin?

Abidexin claims to have little to no side effects, based on the fact that the ingredients are all natural, however even though a number of clinical studies have been done on some of the active ingredients, not enough is known about them other than they are able to promote weight loss while following a healthy diet and moderate exercise plan.

So we really have to ask ourselves if we are willing to sacrifice the unknown just for a 90 day money back guarantee. Although dietary supplements are not required to be reviewed by the FDA for approval before selling, it would be nice to know as a consumer, that we are paying money for something that is actually going to bring us results.

However, in saying that it is always a good idea to get approval from your health care professional before embarking on any weight loss program.

Should you use Abidexin?

I think it is fair to say that we are all tired of products that promise the world but can’t deliver the punch line and in actual fact is it not the new dietary changes that are bringing about the weight loss transformation that we want to see anyway? It is difficult to know whether Abidexin is all it says it is?

Caffeine and green tea are known for their weight loss boosting properties and are ingredients that are found in just about every single diet supplement on the market today, so how that makes Abidexin stand out from the crowd can’t be qualified.

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Where To Buy Abidexin

Direct from the manufacturers own website.

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