BioTrust IC5 Review – Advanced Insulin and Carbohydrate Management

BioTrust IC5 ReviewBioTrust IC5 is a weight loss supplement produced in the US by fitness and nutrition experts, Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion.

Bezoni has made countless appearances, on US TV, to promote his “Belly-Fat-Free” weight loss tips, and Marion has been actively involved in the fitness industry since winning the Body-for-Life Transformation Challenge.

Bezoni and Marion claim they formed the BioTrust company because they noticed the health nutrition industry was “spinning out of control” and decided to combat the problem by producing their own supplement.

Bezoni and Marion appear to have a considerable amount of nutritional knowledge and experience.  That in no way guarantees their ability to produce an effective product, but they show enough confidence to offer customers a money back guarantee that lasts a full year; so even if their product should fail to meet expectations their guarantee certainly blows the competition out of the water.

Purchasing Options and Incentives

Official website for BiotrustBioTrust IC5 is only available from the BioTrust website. According to the sales page, customers who require a weight loss of up to 10 lbs. will only need one bottle of pills.

This will cost $69 and contains 60 servings (120 capsules). Two bottles will be required to facilitate a weight loss of 10-30 lbs. and a 15% bulk-buy discount will be applied to the order. Customers who purchase 6 bottles of BioTrust IC5 will receive a 29% discount on their order and are promised a weight loss of 30 lbs. or more.

Free smoothy book with Biotrust IC5Every order comes with a free book of 53 Fat Burning Smoothie & Milkshake recipes and, as a further incentive to buy, Bezoni and Marion promise to donate a percentage of each sale to charity and help a hungry child receive a nutritious meal.

As an act of humanitarianism, this is good. As a marketing angle, it may be better, but when it comes to dietary supplements results are all that matters, so let’s take a closer look at the product and see how it compares to the “spinning out of control” competition.

Dosage and Promised Benefits

Two capsules should be taken, before any meal that contains carbohydrate, to provide “advanced insulin support” and “carbohydrate management”.  Bezoni and Marion may understand the benefits of this, but the tech spiel such as this will probably mean nothing to the majority of their customers and other touted benefits are just as confusing:

  • Minimum insulin release
  • Quick and efficient blood sugar clearance
  • Maximum glycogen uptake

For those who can decipher it, the main promise appears to be weight loss due to improved insulin sensitivity and carbohydrate management, but even this is insufficient information for the average consumer to make an informed purchasing decision, so the overly technical sales pitch fails to impress.  No changes to diet of levels or exercise are mentioned, and this is also worrying because this paints BioTrust IC5 as a magic pill.

Key Ingredients

The blend is contains five natural ingredients that have a reputation for controlling insulin.

Two capsules provide:

Cinnamon Bark (250 mg)Fenugreek extract (100mg)
Pterocarpus Marsupium, Patented Silbinol extract (100mg)R alpha lipoic acid (65mg
Berberis Aristata root bark extract, containing 97% Berberine (250mg)

Some of these ingredients have done very well in scientific tests, and German doctors often use R alpha lipoic acid to treat some of the symptoms of diabetes, but although it is possible they may also offer weight loss benefits, it would have been nice to see some evidence of this, presented in a way that the average reader could understand.

Media Focus and Customer Feedback

Areas of the official website draw attention to the fact that BioTrust IC5uct has been featured in Men’s Fitness magazine, but it is hard to find any customer feedback for the product.

Possible Side Effects and Health Issues

The official website does not mention side effects, but berberine can prove troublesome for some users and may cause gastro-intestinal side effects. Overall though—for most people—side effects seem unlikely, but it would be wise for pregnant and nursing mothers to  seek medical advice before using this or any other weight loss regimen. The same advice is offered to anyone who has known health issues (particularly diabetes).

The Bottom Line

BioTrust IC5 is well- presented product, produced by a couple of enigmatic individuals who have achieved notable success in the field of health and fitness. The official site is impressive and the many buying incentives go a little way to sweetening the deal on a rather expensive product that sounds good in tech-spiel, but is—nonetheless—an unproven blend that may not work.

Consumers are afforded the protection of an admirably long money back guarantee to fall back on, but—given the charitable connotations involved with each purchase—it seem likely that many users may think twice about asking for their money back.

The lack of independent customer feedback is also an issue so BioTrust IC5 cannot be recommended at this time. Many proven options are available, that have significant customer feedback along with a much lower price tag, so consumers are advised to look elsewhere and donate any money saved to a charity of their choice—or not—as they see fit.

Recommended Alternative

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