Calorease Fat Binder Review – can it really help you lose 500 calories a day?

Calorease fat binderCalorease is a fat binding product produced in the USA by SFI Natural Medicines. The product website looks impressive, is easy to navigate, and offers a refreshing change from the norm in that it has no pictures of girls in swimsuits or bikinis, just lots of healthy-looking people wearing big friendly smiles.

According to the manufacturer, dieters who use Calorease  can lose 500 calories of dietary fat a day, without any unpleasant side effects—certainly something to smile about—but many customers state they were left feeling let down by the product, so perhaps all those smiles are misleading.

Proactol XS fat binderThe fat binder market is lead by quite some distance by Proactol – now in its third revision, Proactol XS. Proactol has been in existence since 2009 and has been associated with many clinical trials.

Proactol XS os classed as a type 2 medical device but available to buy without prescription from its official website.

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What are Fat Binders and how do they Work?

Fat binding products are typically taken up to half an hour before eating meals that contain fat. The fat binding ingredient then absorbs any ingested fat, ensures the body cannot digest it, and carries it out of the body to be passed with the stool.

Note: People who eat healthy, low fat diets will obtain no benefits from fat binders because there will be little or nothing to bind, and it should be remembered that the body needs a certain amount of fat each day to maintain healthy function. However, people who are partial to high fat content food (and you know who are you are be honest) will gain a tremendous benefit from using fat binders

What is the Key ingredient in Calorease?

Each Calorease tablet contains 1000mg of FBCx. There are no other ingredients.

FBCx (Alpha cyclodextrin) is a dietary fiber derived from grain. It is traditionally used as an emulsifier in the food industry, but researchers at Wayne State University in Detroit recently discovered the compound also possesses fat binding abilities.

In one clinical test 41 volunteers received 6g of FBCx each day for two months. At the end of the study period the researchers noted:

“Supplementation of 6 g/day of FBCx, the primary ingredient in Calorease, without any diet or lifestyle changes, induced weight loss, reduced atherogenic lipoproteins, and increased insulin sensitivity in healthy overweight individuals.”

Usage Instructions & Considerations

Two tablets should be taken three times a day, just before meals and the manufacturer states the chosen meals should contain at least 18g to 20g of fat. They also state no form of specialist weight loss program is required—the user must simply eat a balanced and nutritious diet that contains some fat. They also warn Calorease should not be used as a license to overeat, but it still seems as if they are encouraging customers to regularly consume fatty foods.

They state:  “As a rule though, you can’t just take it every now and then. Consistency is key.”

This statement suggests users should eat at least 54g to 60g of fat each day! The World Health Organization states the minimum amount required is 32g per day. Deliberately eating more just to give Calorease something to bind is ridiculous.

Media Focus

The American TV personality DR. Oz. mentioned FBCx on one of his shows, spoke in glowing terms, and said it was likely to have a huge “weight loss impact”. His words certainly had a huge impact on Calorease sales. Dieters flocked to their nearest braches of GNC and supplies ran out in record time.

Side Effects & Health Issues

The manufacturer warns Calorease is not suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers, but states no side effects have been reported unless the tablets have not been taken with a sufficiently fatty meal. They also state the tablets do not cause any of the “messy side effects such as explosive diarrhea and anal leakage” that tend to be associated with fat binding products.

Many customers would disagree. Reported side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Body aches

And as for the promise of “no explosive diarrhea”, one user states:

“These work great IF you want to spend the day in the bathroom..I thought I was going to die…Do not leave the house!”

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback shows a mixed response to the product and suggests Calorease may not be all it is hyped up to be.

A statement from a typical satisfied Calorease user reads:

“It really works! Need to drink a lot when taking it. Got it right away. Good price! Would recommend to a friend! And will purchase again.”

But many customers say otherwise:

“Does not work”

“This product did not work at all, it was a waste of money. I would not recommend at all. Sorry”

“I have been using this for almost two months and I have not lost one additional pound. It does not seem to work for me other than give me stomach pain.”


There is no money back guarantee

The Bottom Line

As a fat binding ingredient FBCx appears to have some merit, but there is nothing to suggest it can outperform alternative fat binding ingredients, such as chitosan. The reports of side effects are also worrying, as are the product marketing methods.

The manufacturer appears to actively encourage dieters to eat fatty foods and the Calorease website even provides sample diet recommendations that include bacon and fried eggs. What is the point of eating fatty food just so that there is something for Calorease to bind? Far better to eat a healthy diet and only resort to fat binders as and when required, to tackle occasional strays into forbidden territories  (bacon and eggs). Many alternative fat binding products are designed for just such occasions and are marketed accordingly. Calorease is not a recommended product. Better options are available

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Calorease can be purchased from the Calorease website, from Amazon, and from some independent retailers including GNC. Prices can vary from one supplier to the next, but a pack of 90 tablets costs $29.99 on the Calorease website and 180 tablets can be purchased for the slightly more cost effective price of $49.99.

Recommended Diet Pill

Proactol XS fat binderAs mentioned above if you are looking to use a fat binder as your diet has to high a fat content then Proactol XS comes highly recommended. Arguably the best fat binder in existence with many clinical trials behind it.

Proactol XS is available to buy direct from its own official website and without prescription.

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