Ephedrine Tablets – Weight Loss Benefits, Legal Status And Where To Buy

Ephedrine tabletsEphedrine is the active component contained in the herb ephedra (ephedra sinensis). The herb has a long history of use in Chinese medicine. Its use as a treatment for asthma and bronchitis has been documented since the Han dynasty (206 BC — 220 AD), and Chinese herbalists continue to use Ephedra as a treatment for a variety of illnesses.

The various benefits ephedrine can provide have also been noted by doctors and scientists in the western world, and small quantities of the drug are often incorporated in over the counter cold and flu treatments because of its ability to relax the airways and facilitate easier breathing.

Ephedrine tablets can have a positive effect on weight loss but the potential for side effects offsets this. Several years ago Ephedrine and phentermine were in demand but now with the advance in the commercial industry using Ephedrine is a massive compromise compared to products such as PhenQ. PhenQ contains A-Lacys Reset and capsimax powder – two natural substances tat can burn excess fat, stop the production of new fat cells and suppress apperite

What is Ephedrine and What Benefits Does it Offer?

ephedra plant where Ephedrine come fromEphedrine is a naturally occurring alkaloid that is known act as a stimulant, but extracting ephedrine from the ephedra herb is a costly process so cheaper synthetic versions have become a popular alternative.

Although the drug is often used to open up restricted airways, it has many other uses and it is not unknown for students to take advantage of the stimulatory effects of ephedrine when they need greater levels of concentration for study or revision periods.

Some sports and fitness fanatics use the drug as well, to power more intense and/or productive training sessions, and ephedrine has also become a popular choice with people who require something to support their weight loss needs.

Ephedrine Weight Loss Benefits

Ephedrine has been scientifically proven to encourage thermogenesis. Tests conducted on mice showed it use caused the mice to metabolise significant amounts of brown fat, but the drug can assist dieters in several ways:

  • Appetite suppression
  • Fat burning
  • Increased energy levels

These are all promises that are made for any number of weight loss supplements, but in this case the promised benefits should be attainable, especially by those who are following a calorie controlled diet and taking regular exercise. Ephedrine works. It’s effective. But benefits can come at a price, the drug is known to be addictive and some of the negative aspects related to its use are extremely worrying.

The legal status is somewhat clouded and seems to change. At this point in tome Ephedrine is illegal to buy in supplement form in both the US and Australia. For more clarification click here

Side Effects and Health Issues

Ephedrine is known to interact badly with some medications and its use can produce a number of side effects. The drug’s ability to increase the heart rate and raise the blood pressure is particularly worrying and the fact that it has been linked to heart attacks and strokes has resulted in it use becoming restricted in some countries.

Many dieters are either unaware of the potential dangers of the drug, or choose to ignore them, and, in 2012, the Daily Mail (a UK daily national newspaper) ran a story that highlights how dangerous such an ignorance can be. It related to the tragic consequences faced by a 39-year old dieter in Suffolk.

The lady in question wanted to shed a few pounds before her wedding day, so she began taking ephedrine. Just two tablets a day was all that was needed to lose the required weight, but four years later she was addicted to the tablets and her health was in decline. A visit to her doctor revealed the drug had caused pulmonary hypertension and her doctor then told her she had less than ten years to live.

Not all ephedrine related side effects are physical. The drug can also interfere with the mind and cause a variety of problems:

Panic attacksMania/hallucinations

Future Potential

should I take EphedrineThe use of ephedrine is a very controversial subject. The benefits it offers cannot be denied, but neither can the many dangers it presents. It has the potential to improve—and possibly save—lives, but the incorrect use of this drug can also result in lost and ruined lives. A further cause for concern is presented by the fact that many users of the drug are totally unaware of the associated threats, and those who are aware take them too lightly.

As a drug, and as a treatment, ephedrine has much to offer, and many of the dangers related to its use could be avoided by a doctor’s supervision.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) are well aware of the dangers this drug presents, and have voiced further concerns over the fact that ephedrine can also be used in the illegal manufacture of the drug crystal meth. [read more]

The MHRA believe that ephedrine should be made available as a prescription only medication, and if such a law is ever passed it would solve a lot of problems. The prescribing doctor could ensure the drug was only available to suitable users, and would also be able to monitor any side effects, thus  allowing ephedrine to live up to its true potential while also removing much of the danger associated with its use.

Alternatives To Ephedrine

PhenQ in AustraliaArguably the best current alternative is the excellent PhenQ. PhenQ is completely legal in virtually all countries that allow free trade.

PhenQ is manufactured under strict safety guidelines and adheres to all necessary health and safety regulations.

PhenQ is made from natural and pharmacy quality ingredients.

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