Fucothin Review, Does It Work, Stockists

Fucothin does it really workDespite its rather peculiar name, FucoTHIN is a very popular slimming product in the USA where it is advertises as the No1 Selling Diet Pill!

But it is not the only one. There are hundreds of diet pills and herbal-based supplements that claim the same thing.

This happens because in the USA, all herbal-based diet products are not as closely monitored as prescription-only, chemical-based drugs which have to be approved by the FDA.

Because of numerous online advertisements, reviews and online stockists selling it, the product has now become known to dieters from Australia.

How Does FucoTHIN Work?

The basic principle on which FucoTHIN works is called thermogenesis. During this process the metabolic rate of the body is increased, the body becomes more energetic and burns more calories and more of its stored fat.

FucoTHIN is another fat burner and works almost in the same way as all the other fat burners.  What makes it different is the composition of its ingredients, as Fucoxanthine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fucoxanthin) is a powerful antioxidant which is extracted from cultivated brown seaweed. Fucoxanthine is then mixed with cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil and a few other ingredients to form a blend that works as a fat burner.

Unlike most fat burners FucoTHIN does not contain any stimulants and it does not affect the central nervous system, while its main target is the visceral fat – the fat that is accumulated round the belly.

Generally speaking, fat burners are not the most successful category of diet pills, either because they are not very effective or because they can cause serious adverse reactions.

Are There Any Side Effects?

FucoTHIN seems to be a safe diet pill.  Fucoxanthin, the active ingredient of the product, does not cause the side effects typical for other fat burners, such as insomnia or restlessness.  However, there have been some reports about allergic reactions such as skin rashes, hives, an itchy sensation and puffiness.

Is FucoTHIN an effective diet pill?

We found a lot of positive testimonials on the official website of the product, but we had difficulty in finding similar positive reviews on independent sites where we came across several negative reviews from disappointed customers.

According to its makers, in 2007 during some clinical trials, participants managed to lose 14.5lbs in 16 weeks, but the pill manufacturers do not provide us with any information as to who conducted these studies.

Where Can I Buy FucoTHIN?

For USA residents the product is available in most health stores and high street outlets.  If you are not a USA resident, you can order FucoTHIN online from its official website.

FucoTHIN is almost unknown in the UK and the only way to buy it is to order it online.  The company seems to have a good customer support service, but you will have to think of shipping costs and the time you will have to wait until the pills are delivered.  One more point to have in mind is the expense involved if, for any reason, you want to return or change the pills.

A Very Effective Alternative

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