Lipo 6, Lipo6x, Lipo6 Unlimited what are the differences and stockists

Lipo6 original liquid capsuleLipo 6 weight loss capsules are produced in the US by Nutrex Research Ltd, who claims the product is “the world’s first liquid capsule fat burner”. Such a claim is hard to prove, but weight loss capsules with liquid centers are certainly in the minority.

The company also claims the liquid center enables Lipo 6 to be absorbed faster than more conventional capsules to initiate accelerated fat burning.

It stands to reason that a liquid blend will probably be quickly digested, but any results will depend on the power of the blend so let’s taker closer look and see if it can stand up to closer scrutiny.

This review is based on the original Lipo 6 liquid capsule. There are other products in the range including. Lipo6x, Lipo6 Unlimted and Lipo6 Black.

What is Lipo 6 and What Kind of Results Should I Expect?

Lipo 6 is a fat burner. Fat burners are designed to speed up the metabolism and encourage the body to burn off excess fat, causing a loss in weight that is usually accompanied by increased energy levels.

Key Ingredients

Each serving (2 capsules) contains:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (200 mg):  A proven stimulant that should help boost energy levels. Caffeine is also believed to possess fat burning abilities.
  • Synephrine HCL (20 mg):  This probably the main fat burner in the mix. Also called bitter orange, synephrine has become a more common ingredient in weight loss blends since ephedra was banned. The use of synephrine has been associated with the same dramatic weight loss results as ephedra, but it use is not believed to present the same risks to the health—hence its growing popularity.
  • Synthetic 99% Guggulsterones Z&E 1.1 (20 mg):  A compound that is believed to step up the production of thyroid hormones, boost the metabolism, and kick-start the fat burning process.
  • Bioperine (5 mg):  An extract taken from black pepper. It contains an alkaloid called piperine. Laboratory have shown piperine to be an effective fat burner. A 2010 edition of the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry published the results of one such study that concluded the use of piperine can boost the metabolism and encourage weight loss.
  • Yohimbine HCL (3 mg):  More often found in bodybuilding formulations than weight loss blends. Yohimbine has no proven fat burning abilities, but its inclusion here should help reduce the likelihood of muscle wastage due to dieting.

Usage Instructions – How To take Lipo 6

The recommended dose is two capsules taken twice a day. The first dose should be taken at breakfast and users are advised to leave six hours between doses.

A reduced dose is suggested for new users:

  • Day one: One capsule at breakfast + one capsule in the afternoon
  • Day two: An extra capsule may be added to one of the doses.
  • Day three: Full dose (two capsules, twice a day).

Lipo 6 is suitable for constant use, but a two week break should be taken after each eight week period.

Is There a Guarantee?

It’s not a point in their favor, but Nutrex do not provide customers with a money back guarantee.

Customer Feedback

Testimonials left on the Nutrex website suggest customers are happy with the products performance.

Independent feedback is also predominantly good. A few users report stimulant-related side effects, but most users say the product delivered the promised fat burning results.

“This product is good, helped my slimming program with a reduced calories diet, I really liked this product because it is good I definitely felt the product working, I would constantly be overheating at work. It gave me energy to keep pushing further and further during cardio, which was awesome.”

“This product is good, helped my slimming program with a reduced calories diet, i really liked this product because it is good.”

Side Effects and Known Health Issues

The manufacturers are obviously aware that the stimulants in Lipo 6 may be an issue for some users and take a responsible attitude to the use of their product by suggesting dieters seek medical advice before commencing supplementation.

This product is not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.

The Bottom Line

Nutrex Research appears to be a respectable company that takes a responsible attitude towards supplementation. They provide a full list of the ingredients used in Lipo 6, together with the all-important inclusion rates, and it appears to be a powerful mix that should encourage the kind of fast and efficient fat burning promised.

Side effects may be an issue for some users, but Nutrex do not try to hide this from consumers and their suggested lower initial doses should ensure any problems are minimal.

We would have liked to have seen a guarantee, but customer feedback suggests the product delivers on the manufacturer’s promises, so Lipo 6 is a recommended weight loss product.

Where To Buy Lipo 6 – Purchasing Options

Nutrex Research market Lipo 6 to customers all over the world and the product can be found on the shelves of some stores, but suppliers can be hard to find so internet purchases usually prove to be the easiest option. The product can be purchased from the authorised stockists Vitamin Shoppe and is also often available on Amazon.

Buying Incentives

The manufacturers appear confident to rely on the strength of their product to do the selling, so they do not try to entice customers by offering bulk buy incentives or bonus products.

Recommended Alternative Diet Pill

Phen375 reviewAlthough we would recommend Lipo 6 – we would not recommend over and above Phen375.

A powerful fat burner and appetite suppressant that is suitable for ardent body builder and casual dieter.

Phen375 comprises of natural and pharmacy grade ingredients, it is available without prescription from the official site.

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