Liproxenol Australia – Does it Work or it is A Scam

Liproxenol AustraliaLiproxenol is an all-natural weight loss supplement that has a wide targeted consumer base in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada who are looking to take off some problem weight.

It claims to boost metabolism and suppress appetite and if you are wondering if it is a scam or a legitimate weight loss product you have come to the right place to find out.
The manufacturers claim that over 3 million people have success with Liproxenol

Liproxenol – How It Works

Liproxenol Australian websiteLiproxenol works by activating the Thermogenesis process that is natural in most warm-blooded animals.

The active ingredients in the product also work to suppress your appetite.  And when there is an absence of calories to burn, Thermogenesis will start to burn off stored fat.

Several of the key ingredients in the product have been proven in clinical trials to stimulate the Thermogenesis process.

Key Ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia ExtracrLiproxenol has many ingredients that are common in weight loss supplements such as Garcinia Cambogia Extract.  It is known to help slow down fat production that can be caused by the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates and it also works to enhance the ability of muscles and the liver to store glycogen.

This reduces the production of fat and also suppresses the appetite.  Dandelion leaf, another active ingredient, is a diuretic that helps to detoxify the body.  Green tea, another well-known ingredient, has gotten plenty of press for its antioxidant properties and it also works to enhance energy levels.

Cayenne powder, another of the ingredients in Liproxenol, can help to increase metabolism rates and can increase the Thermogenesis process.

Strikingly similar to another product. Appears to be almost identical to Prescopodene

Media Focus

The home page of the product has the celebrity endorsement of Hollywood actress Samantha Foster, but there are no other media credits mentioned.  But, that does not mean the product has no come under some scrutiny from some independent weight loss review website. Some note that the product is a proprietary blend and the amounts of the ingredients are not disclosed.

This is something you need to know to stay on the safe side when using a weight loss product.

They also take note of the fact that there are a large number of consumer complaints about Liproxenol and the total amount of damages at the time the product was reviewed was well over $5,000 United States dollars.  And to make matters even worse, the web site that functions to serve the United States uses auto-billing.  The practice of auto-billing has generated plenty of complaints over the years and you should never buy a product that bills in this manner.

Another weight loss product watchdog group that has done a review of Liproxenol reports that many people who have taken Liproxenol developed stomach pains, bloating, and cramps.

Complaints about Liproxenol

They also detail some of the many complaints that have been lodged with their auto-billing practices in the United States, causing many customers to have charges made to their credit cards without their knowledge.  Also, some of the customers who bought the product from their official web site have gone on record saying that they felt the marketing of the product was “deceptive and misleading.”

The Bottom Line

With the bad reviews from independent sources it is hard to make an endorsement of this product with any confidence at all.  The non-disclosure of the amount of ingredients used in the the mix of the product could very well explain why some people got sick when taking it.

It could contain high levels of some of the natural ingredients that could cause some side effects in certain people.  This weight loss supplement should never be taken by women who are pregnant or nursing nor should it be taken by anyone with a history of heart problems.

There is also a great deal of difference in the marketing strategy and divulgance of information in the web sites that service Australia, Great Britain, and the United States.

On the English and Australian web sites, links to clinical trials that have been done on the ingredients are available, while they are not on the United States web site.  There are just far too many red flags and problems with Liproxenol to give it any kind of rating other than 1-star out of 5 and a resounding no recommendation.

Not Recommended

Where To Buy Liproxenol In Australia

Available to buy from the official website. Not stocked in independent retailers such as GNC or Pharmasave.

Recommended Diet Pill

Phen375 reviewThe one saving grace for Liproxenol is the inclusion of one or two ingredients a modicum of success, currently the diet pill that is be touted as the most effective natural fat burner by many industry experts is Phen375

Phen375 is arguably the most popular (certainly as far as the Unites Stats and Australia is concermed and not without good reason – it can not only burn fat but also suppress appetite. Phen375 is a world apart from the current crop of products being advertised on Facebook and the like.

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