Full & Slim Review – Availability and Alternatives

diet drink being drunkMedia reports are announcing the future arrival of a new diet drink called Full & Slim – it is being hailed as something that can replicate the actions of a gastric band (according to British publication, the Mail Online).

A gastric band or gastric banding is a surgical device that is fitted around the stomach, constricting it to make it smaller so that that food intake is physically cut down. Gastric banding is expensive, obtrusive and not without potential harmful consequences. So when a product arrives that removes the all the negatives from the equation while delivering similar results we have to sit up and listen.

The reality though is that the Full & Slim diet drink is nothing like a gastric band, it is a world apart. This does not that we are not in favor – on the contrary.

Its main ingredient has been around for a while and is found in one of the most successful product to ever be created. Read more

What Is The Full & Slim Diet Drink

It consists of two naturally derived ingredients: glucomannan a natural byproduct of a fruit and  l-carnitine, an amino acid. Of the two ingredients glucomannan (pictured left) is by far the most interesting.

glucomannan in Full and SlimWhen glucomannan (aslo commonly known as Konjac or Konjac root) comes into contact with water (or liquid) it swells to safe levels between its surrounding.

When glucomannan is used in diet products it swells in stomach creating a feeling satiety, or fullness so that the user cannot physically eat any more food.

We guess this is where the marketing people responsible for Full & Slim came up with the ‘gastric band’ angle.

Where To Buy Full & Slim

Although the product has been announced there is no currently availability. Media reports it will be available in certain UK focused chemists and other authorised stockists. Please bookmark this page as we will include “where to buy’ information as soon as is physically possible.

Alternatives With Glucomannan

52 Fast Formula reviewAs we have alluded to above it is glucomannan that is the real driver of the product and not the product (or brand Full & Fast per se). – glucomannan is used in the 5:2 Fast Formula, a commercial product that is best seller in countries such as the UK, United States, Australia and Canada.

The 5:2 Fast Formula is available to buy direct and comes equipement with a money back guarantee in case your results do not live up to expectation. In our view it should almost be a required purchase if you have nay ambition to lose weight

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