Paleotrim review, does it work, side effects and stockists

Paleotrim diet pillThe Paleo Diet is fast becoming a very popular health and lifestyle choice and it was only a matter of time before a diet and weight loss pill aimed at this niche lifestyle group broke onto the market.

To be fair it is aimed at those people who have perhaps heard all about the Paleo Diet, are new to the concept or who want to try it out. The Paleo Diet is based on the diet of our ancestors during the Palaeolithic times; high protein, low carb, and totally natural, unprocessed food choices.

The Paleo Diet is favoured among those with allergies and who like to make healthy diet and lifestyle choices. There has been a hugely positive reflection from following this way of life, with many followers losing unhealthy weight and trimming down to how their bodies were meant to look.

It explains why the Paleotrim diet supplement has caught so many people’s eye…a quick fix in a bottle, a way around doing it the hard way like everyone else. But could there really be a substitute for healthy eating and healthy living choices? The Paleotrim claims that they can provide it.

Paleotrim is billed as the completely natural diet pill that contains raspberry ketone, african mango, green tea and acai

What is Paleotrim and what is in it?

what is in paleotrimPaleotrim is an all-natural weight loss supplement and diet solution which claims to provide fast weight loss results, high energy levels and a much faster metabolism.

The active ingredients are indeed predominantly natural however, there are high, undisclosed levels of caffeine in Paelotrim as well, which makes us nervous.

Caffeine is a stimulant and many people have been known to be sensitive to caffeine, however they don’t tell you how much is in the product on the label.

The main ingredients include the following:

KelpGrape Fruit Powder Extract
ResveratrolApple Cider Vinegar
Acai FruitRaspberry Ketone
Green Tea ExtractCaffeine Anhydrous
African Mango Extract

The problem is that none of these active ingredients have any proven weight loss benefits. They may all mostly be good for you, packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins, but essentially it looks like it is nothing more than an all-round vitamin supplement that anybody could be taking.

Green tea for weight lossGreen Tea is everyone’s favourite diet extract and it is the one of the only ones on the list of ingredients that actually has a proven track record in being weight-loss-friendly and able to assist with fat burning, metabolism increase and revitalised energy levels.

There’s Raspberry Ketone present and that has started to receive rave reviews – it is very much endorsed by Dr. Oz, for example.

Kelp or bladderwrack as it is also known, does absolutely nothing for weight loss according to clinical studies, whereas African Mango Extract is one with proven weight loss supplement abilities, however the research and clinical trials are scarce.

What is Raspberry KetoneWe were after something all natural, with studies and documented proof that would knock our socks off. So to be fair, we are feeling a little disappointed at the selection so far. The supplement makes many claims and then further goes onto claim that it can prove and back up those claims, but the information is incorrect and misleading at its very best.

Paleotrim claims to be a supplement that promotes healthy weight loss, and that actually might be correct, as it is nothing more than a really healthy vitamin supplement.

Are there any side effects when using Paleotrim

Due to the nature of most of the ingredients being all natural, the side effects that have been reported are few and far between. However, there is caffeine in the product, a natural stimulant, that doesn’t agree with just anybody.

Even though most of the ingredients are natural, you are still able to have sensitivities to natural products. It is always advisable for anybody who wishes to embark on a healthy care or diet regime, to get clearance from their doctor or health care provider before using just anything.

Is Paleotrim the real deal?

Although the ingredients list appears to read like a who’s who of the superfruit and superfood world there is not enough any one specific ingredient. This is a real shame, the concept is there but fails in the execution.

Is it right for you

If you want to make the lifestyle changes you want to benefit from by following the Paleo diet and way of life, then do so. The ‘Paleo” tablet is not recommended.

Not Recommended

Recommended Diet Pill

Garcinia Extra ReviewOne of the ingredients used in Paleotrim is raspberry ketone – this together with garcinia cambogia are accepted to be the most influential superfruits in existence. Both are highly effective fat burners.

Garcinia Cambogia Extra contains both in abundance and is our premium choice of commercial diet pill.

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