Phen Caps – Is it really the official non prescription Phentermine alternative

Phen caps reviewsPhen Caps are a dietary supplement produced by Careworld out of Miami Florida.  It is marketed as a non-prescription alternative for Phentermine.

Phentermine is an appetite suppressant similar to amphetamine that is only available by prescription Phen Caps claim to suppress appetite and increase energy via non-herbal means, similar to phentermine.

For consumers looking to lose weight, Phen Caps seem like a miracle – all the benefits of the prescription drug without the hassle of actually having to visit a doctor.

Does it really work or is this another case of a product whose claims are too good to be true?

What are Phen Caps and How Do They Work

Phen Caps websitePhen Caps are capsules comprised of nine listed active ingredients.  The ingredients are a mixture of appetite suppressants and energy boosters.  Although several are listed as being derived from plants or fruit, the product does not claim to be natural or herbal.

People are directed to take two capsules per day until desired results are achieved and then to continue with a maintenance dose of one capsule per day.

On the website, a one month supply of 60 capsules retails for about $50.00.  Although the website claims this product can be used indefinitely, consumers should read on to learn about potential side effects, interactions and consequences of long term use.

Key Ingredients

The main ingredients for Phen Caps are listed as PEA – Phenylethylamine, Caffeine, Theobromine, Caralluma, Synephrine and Methylsynephrine, L-Carnitine, Red raspberry ketones, and Crateagus spp. Extract.

  • PEA – Phenylethylamine is a natural monoamine used to improve mood and reputed to have appetite suppressant properties.
  • Caffeine is a stimulant found in coffee and other foods.
  • Theobromine is just another name for cocoa, and is commonly used to treat high blood pressure.
  • Caralluma is derived from a cactus plant native to India and is reputed to suppress appetite and quench thirst, but there is insufficient scientific evidence to support this.
  • Synephrine and Methylsynephrine are both also known as bitter orange, and used as a stimulant and appetite suppressant, especially as a substitute for the banned substance ephedra.  Scientific research does not currently support its effectiveness for weight-loss.
  • L-Carnitine is an amino acid, naturally produced in the body that is commonly believed to increase endurance, however it has only been approved by the US Food and Drug administration for treatment of L-Carnitine deficiency and increasing red blood cell count in severe kidney disease sufferers.
  • Red raspberry ketones can be derived from the raspberry fruit but are more commomly created in a lab.  They are a recent weight-loss fad with real scientific evidence to support its effectiveness.
  • Crateagus spp. Extract is also known as hawthorn berry extract and used commonly to treat heart failure and heart related ailments, and some digestive problems.

PhenCaps Side Effects

This product is of great concern because of the serious side effects and multiple drug interactions that have been reported for some of its main ingredients.   Anyone being treated for a medical condition or taking medication should consult their healthcare professional before taking this product.

Crateagus spp. Extract – aka Hawthorn berry – can have major interactions with heart medication, specifically digoxin and nitrates, high blood pressure medications in the calcium blocker category like Plendil, and sexual dysfunction drugs like Viagra.  When taken with these drugs, users might experience dangerously low blood pressure and increased blood flow.

Bitter orangeSynephrine and Methylsynephrine – aka bitter orange – has been reported to cause serious side effects like such as a stroke.

There are strong warnings against taking it in combination with other stimulants like caffeine, which this product also contains.  Additionally, it can cause major interactions when taken with MAOI’s (used to treat depression) and the benzodiazepine Midazolam.

As always, consult your healthcare professional before starting any dietary supplement.  Pregnant or nursing women should not take this product.

Bottom Line… Is It Recommended

Short answer: No.  Although the website is well organized and the ingredients are clearly listed, Phen Caps are still disturbing.  This product claims to be a safe alternative for the prescription drug Phentermine, but several of the main ingredients have side effects and drug interactions that are considered far from safe.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of these potentially dangerous substances, as well as the remaining main ingredients has not been scientifically proven with any certainty. The company directly equates the effectiveness of this product with the prescription medication and claims that users can take it indefinitely.

However with potential side effects and interactions that include stroke, perhaps indefinitely is a timeframe open to interpretation.

Recommended Alternative

PhenQ in AustraliaThe Phentermine alternative market is dominated by PhenQ. It has been on the market since 2009 and one of just a handful of commercial diet pills to be manufactured in FDA registered laboratories.

PhenQ is a combination of natural and pharmacy grade ingredients and has a strong and loyal customer base. Wether you need to lose a lot or little body fat PhenQ is ideal.

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