Proactol XS – Medically Certified Fat Binder

Proactol XS AustraliaThere are many genres of diet pills available with perhaps the fat burner, appetite suppressant and fat binder the most popular. Fat binders are suited to people who have too much fat in their diet, which is arguably 99% of the population.

Proactol is in our opinion the brand that sets the standard with Proactol XS replacing Proactol Plus. So does the new formula meet the high standards set by its predecessor?

Proactol XS is available from the official website – its ships to most countries including Australia, United States, Canada and the UK as well as many mainland European countries.

Proactol XS is often compared to other fat binders such as XLS Medical Fat Binder and Calorease – but in our opinion Proactol is a clear winner.

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What is Proactol XS and what does it do?

Proactol XS Australia websiteProactol XS is a high quality, medically certified fat binder that is designed and manufactured with the purpose of treating high levels of obesity. The advised scheduled ingestion of Proactal XS capsules can help to rid any excess fat that is present in unwanted areas on your body, this is done so by binding the fat in the food your eat and ensuring that less calories are absorbed in the digestion process. In conjunction with this fat binding procedure, Proactol XS also works to reduce appetite and has been effective in increasing energy levels.

Chitosan is the key ingredient. It is a source of natural fibre. Its particularly high lipid binding capacity helps neutralise calories from high fat content foods. Proactol XS binds only fats but not carbohydrates or sugars.

How Does Proactol XS Work?

Proactol XS succeeds in its goal by forming a gel like compound in the stomach that works to bind the fats and bile acids in food together to make them become indigestible for humans. The strength of and expert medical research and engineering behind the innovative gel formula means that the capsules’ contents can bind fat in amounts up to eight hundred times their original weight, leading to overwhelmingly positive results.

This drop in digested fat in the stomach and a far lesser amount of calories absorbed in the food you eat results in Proactol XS being a fast and effective aid to losing weight.

Medical Evidence

Proactol XS has undergone an intensive and thorough medical testing process of more than forty various studies, after which it was determined that the product is effective and trusted in the reduction of excess weight, the controlling of weight, the lowering of cholesterol intake from one’s diet and the lowering of fat intake from ingested food.

The product has been certified as a Class IIA medical device with proven efficacy, and is regarded as a safe and reliable solution. Proactol XS utilises non-animal chitosan and is also Kosher and Halal certified, making the product accessible to an increasingly large demographic of customers who wish to rid their bodies of unwanted excess fat.

Media Exposure

Proactol XS has been featured and reviewed on a number of the health sector’s most prominent and well-respected Internet sites, gaining widespread positive press and amassing many fans and recurring users along the way.

Proactol XS testimonails

The product received an impressive across the board five star review from many independent review websites, that praised the notable results garnered from following the recommended daily course of usage. Similarly, features a handful of documented success stories from users of the product who have lost their desired weight ranging in severity of cases from a life changing 41 lbs to life saving 163 lbs. This helps to humanise the effects of the treatment by putting faces and real life stories to support the scientific facts that can sometime be overwhelming to take in.

Possible Side Effects

Proactal XS has the benefit of being a 100% natural product whose make up does not warrant a large and extensive list of potential negative side effects. However, as with all medical supplements, there are small number of problems that may be potentially caused by engaging in a prolonged course of Proactol XS, these are not extensive and are limited to common gastro intestinal pain or discomfort relating to constipation. Not strictly a side effect but certainly an aspect worth being made aware of is that Proactol XS should not be used during periods of pregnancy and breastfeeding, for the simple fact of preserving the delicate nature of the nutrients being supplied to an embryo or new born in their vital stages of early life.


Proactol XS offers a reassuring guarantee to any customer who purchases the product. A standard thirty-day money back policy is in place for any customer who is not fully satisfied with the effects of Proactol XS in their quest to lose excess weight. Alternatively, customers who choose to take advantage of the website’s ‘Special Savings’ offer by purchasing a multiple batch of containers of Proactol XS are entitled to longer, extended money-back guarantee period of thirty-seven days, giving them an extra seven days to assess the impact that the product may be having on their lives. These two types of guarantee are inclusive of all Proactol XS products.

Highly Recommended

Where To Buy Proactol XS

Proactol XS AustraliaAvailable from the official website, there are several packages to buy with a discounted pricing structure.

Proactol XS is not the cheapest diet product on the market but considering its probability of success choosing a product that is perhaps $10 – $15 cheaper per month with inferior results is not a good return on investment.

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