Redotex Review – Diet Pill From Mexico

Redotex Diet PillsRedotex is a diet pill that is readily available in Mexico and banned in many other countries of the world.

The pills contain a mixture of drugs, hormones, and laxatives that could pose a serious risk to the health and the FDA is so concerned about the hazards Redotex may present it issued an alert (March 2015) that states “The irrational combination of these thyroid, diuretic, stimulant and tranquilizer drugs may cause serious reactions.” The pills have already been linked to several cases of side effects so anyone who is searching for a way to buy Redotex online may want to have a serious rethink and then choose a safer alternative.

What is Redotex and How Does it Work?

Redotex is designed to assist weight loss in a number of ways:

  • Acting as a diuretic
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Providing a boost to the metabolism
  • Suppressing the appetite
  • Improving fat burning abilities

Redotex dangersDiuretics can reduce the amount of water the body contains. Bodybuilders sometime use them to reduce the amount of puffy tissue covering their muscles. When water is lost the body also becomes lighter, but this should not be confused with fat loss. The water will return when use of the diuretic is discontinued. It is also worth noting one of the ingredients (Aloin) is a laxative and the combination of a diuretic and a laxative could result in extreme dehydration.

Detoxifying agents are often added to diet pills because they help rid the body of toxins that may slow the metabolism and make weight loss harder. A fast metabolism burns more calories and, if this results in a calorie deficit, the body will begin burning fat.

Appetite suppressants help people control the desire to eat, and lower their calorie intake. Redotex certainly offers benefits that should encourage weight loss, and some people say the pills helped them to shed 6lbs a week, but many safer options can be equally effective. It is also worth noting NHS recommendations suggest dieters set a safe weight loss target of one to two pounds per week.

Key Ingredients

According to the FDA, each capsule contains:

  • Triodothyronine (75mcg): A thyroid hormone that helps provide an efficient metabolism.
  • Norpseudoephedrine (50mg): An amphetamine-like drug that is intended for the short-term treatment of obesity.
  • Atropine Sulfate (0.36mg): A medication that is used to clear the airways of patients who are about to undergo surgery.
  • Aloin (16.2mg): A compound that is naturally-occurring in aloe vera and has a laxative effect. It is often removed from supplements that contain aloe vera because it is known to irritate the bowel and cause other side effects.
  • Diazepam (8mg): A tranquilizer that also go by the name of Valium.

Usage Instructions – One capsule is required per day and should be taken before breakfast. A seven day break is required after three weeks of use.

Customer Feedback

Reviews written in English are hard to find, but feedback written in Spanish is available and some dieters claim Redotex works well. Other reviewers tell tales of nasty side effects including feeling of extreme thirst and accelerated heart rate.

Side Effects & Health Issues

Redotex is illegal in many countries for a reason. It can cause numerous side effects including severe diarrhea, depression, and high blood pressure. It is also a diet pill that may kill.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Redotex is illegal in the USA and many other countries of the world, but US citizens have been known to pop over the border, buy Redotex in Mexico, and then try to smuggle it into the USA. A number of Mexico-based websites are actively marketing the product online and a one-month supply of pills costs generally costs between USD$ 500 and USD$ 750. That’s a huge amount of money to pay for a diet pill and anyone who tries to get Redotex delivered to an address in the USA, UK, or any other country where its use is illegal may find their shipment is intercepted and destroyed by by government officials.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

The FDA is responsible for protecting the health of consumers. It does not ban drugs or supplements without good reason. Redotex is a dangerous drug that has the potential to kill. Nobody should put their life on the line in the hope of becoming slimmer. The best thing to do with this particular diet pill is to steer well clear.

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