T9 Black Fury – Super Stimulant but is it suitable for women or non body builders?

T9 Black Fury super stimulantWho would not want a product that claims to be one of the most effective fat burning supplements on today’s market? And with so many people trying to lose unwanted fat, T9 Black Fury definitely sounds appealing.

Even if you do not want to lose a ton of fat, but need to tighten up a bit, T9 can help with that as well – or so the marketing suggests

We put Black Fury under the microscope and examine it a little closer.


What is T9 Black Fury?

Official website of Black FuryT9 Black Fury owes its effectiveness to what it claims is its super stimulant fat-burning ingredients that includes their trademarked QuadVit™ Vitamin B blend. The blend has B1, B5, B6 and B12 which amount to one-hundred percent of the RDA recommendations for vitamin B. These are also the most important of the B vitamins.

Even more impressive, according to the company’s website, is that these ingredients have been accepted by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) as a proven fat burner. In addition to helping you burn fat, it also promises to give you nonstop energy during your training sessions.

Black Fury looks to be targeted to the hardcore builders and those that are looking to build muscle rather than the casual dieter.

The recommended dosage for T9 Black Fury if you are looking for increased fat burning is to take two capsules on an empty stomach a half hour prior to breakfast. Make sure you take it with a full glass of water.

If you are looking to get a highly energetic and strong workout, you can take two capsules a half hour prior to your training session. The manufacturer states that once you take T9 Black Fury, you will have the “best training session of your life”.

Who Should Use T9 Black Fury?

Contrary to what it sounds like, T9 Black Fury does not necessarily claim to be for the average person who wants to lose weight. In fact, the product’s website clearly states that it is not intended to be used by first-time users and females—a statement that sounds a bit contradictory in nature.

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However, the site also says it can reduce hunger and cravings, which means it should be able to help you lose weight. Because of the high strength and potency of T9 Black Fury, it is highly recommended that you take one capsule at a time to assess how your body reacts to it before taking the regular dose of two capsules. A bottle of sixty capsules costs £39.99 on their site, but other sites have it listed for less.

The Pros of T9 Black Fury

T9 Black Fury has a few things going for it including the inclusion of B vitamins which are very important for overall health and not just fat burning. And because many of the ingredients have gotten FSA approval, that is a positive sign right there.

The product’s site does offer a full list of ingredients with the quantity of each one so you know what you are taking if you decide to try T9 Black Fury. They also know that their product is highly potent and are careful in stressing that users should initially take one capsule to see how their body reacts to it before taking the recommended dosage of two capsules.

The Cons of T9 Black Fury

What the product’s site does not offer, however, is a concern. There are no user testimonials, before-and-after pictures, a money-back guarantee offer or any scientific research to back up its claim as being “the most effective fat burner on the market today”. With such a bold statement, you would expect there would be significant evidence to back it up for potential customers, but there is not.

The other problem with the product is its intended use. On the one hand, they claim to be a fat burner that suppresses your appetite and controls hunger which makes it sound like a weight loss supplement. On the other hand, they stress how T9 Black Fury can give you the best workout of your life by producing an extraordinary amount of energy to sustain you during your session.

The other confusing statement the product’s site has is that it is not meant for females or first-time users. Not only does this sound very odd because anyone who wants to buy T9 Black Fury would have to be a first-time user or else they would never get any new customers, but why should women not use the product? No explanation is given in regards to that.

Should You Try T9 Black Fury?

The manufacturers are right when they say fat burners work, but this one may not be as terrific as they make themselves sound. And without any proof from anyone who has used the product, you have to wonder why such a great product has no one saying how great it is except for the manufacturer.

The company’s website charges more than other websites that sell it so if you do decide to try it, find a site that has it for less and with a return policy in case you do not like it. With so many other fat burners on the market, you can be picky. This one may claim to do a lot, but it gives very little by way of information and proof.

Where To Buy

From the Extreme Labs website of several other online stockists such as Amazon. GNC does not stock

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