Trimplex Elite Review with positive and negative comments

Trimplex Elite AustraliaTrimplex Elite is a diet pill powered by raspberry ketone and green coffee bean extract.

Both ingredients are good, but there is a general lack of information about this product and company that brought it to market.

Worse still, many past customers claim they got caught up in an autoship scam after they accepted the offer of a “free” trial bottle of pills.

It seems word about this product may have got around because the English and French language versions of the site appear to have been taken down.

Promised Benefits

  • Provides a faster metabolism without stimulants
  • Burns body fat
  • Delivers powerful appetite suppression
  • Boosts energy levels

What Is Trimplex Elite and How Does It Work?

Trimplex Elite is designed to provide appetite suppression, speed the metabolism, and encourage the body to begin burning fat.

When the appetite is suppressed it becomes easier to consume less food. When the metabolism is increased the body burns extra calories.

The combination of these two features can result in a calorie deficit that forces the body to start burning fat to fuel the biological functions that would normally be powered by calories obtained from food.

Trimplex Elite users are also promised an energy boost. Raspberry ketone and green coffee bean are unlikely to provide this, so this indicates the presence of other ingredients.

Key Ingredients

A full ingredient profile is not provided but the formulation contains unspecified mounts of raspberry ketone and green coffee bean extract.

  • Raspberry Ketone: A phenol that can be obtained from several sources but is normally obtained from raspberries. It’s a proven fat burner, and has a good reputation as an appetite suppressant, but it is an expensive ingredient to refine and many manufacturers opt to use a cheaper, synthetic, version instead. It lacks the power of the genuine fruit extract. It is unclear which version is used here but, even if it is the fruit extract, the lack of an inclusion rate makes it impossible to ascertain if enough has been included.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: Extracts taken from green coffee beans contain a compound called chlorogenic acid. It’s a powerful metabolism booster and fat burner that has already won the confidence of many people worldwide, including the American health and fitness guru, Dr Oz, but it will only offer benefits if enough is included so, once again, the lack of inclusion rates is an issue.
Usage Guidelines – One capsule is required before breakfast and a second one before dinner. Customers who reach their ideal weight are encouraged to keep taking the pills so they can “retain and transform” their new slim figure.

Where to Buy Trimplex Elite

When we visited the official website ( for the purposes of this review the site was no longer active. Nor was the French version of the site. The product still appears to be available via, but it’s packaged with a companion product and anyone who wishes to make a purchase is looking at a price tag of €100 (USD$ 112).

What Customers Say About the Product

Some customers say the pills work. Others say they opposite and there are lot of complains from people who feel they were scammed.

A few average comments read:

“I’ve already lost 1kg and I’ve only been taking the pills for a couple of weeks. I also find I have a lot more energy now, so I am very happy with the way this product performs.”

“These pills don’t do a think and they cost a bomb. I got hooked into the autoship contract and was unable to cancel it. I had to cancel my card instead. Lesson learned. I’ll always read all the small print from now on.”

“If you are looking for a really good diet pill that works you really need to buy Trimplex Elite. It helped me to get rid of 5kg in only 14 days.”

“I was suckered into buying this product via the free trial that is not so free at all. I shrieked to the high heavens when I saw how much money had been taken from my credit card—two times!!! I ended up paying over $200!. How’s that for a free trial? The pills don’t work by the way, so don’t even consider buying them.” 

Side Effects & Other Health Considerations

Raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract have a good reputation for providing safe weight loss, but the manufacturer of this product fails to provide a full ingredient profile. That means there is no way to ascertain if the pills contain other ingredients as well. All potential users are advised to seek a doctor’s approval prior to using this product.

The Bottom Line

If enough (genuine) raspberry ketone and green coffee bean extract are included in the formulation, it’s possible that Trimplex Elite may help accelerate weight loss, but there are too many unknown factors with this product (including the ingredient inclusion rates).

However, this is a mute point because, unless you live in France and are willing to buy Trimplex Elite from Amazon, you will be unable to get hold of the product in the first place.

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