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Unique Hoodia AustraliaHoodia Gordonii is a natural substance that is extracted from a cactus-like plant that grows in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa, and has been successfully used as an appetite suppressant in the form of slimming pills or diet supplements.

It was initially used by the Kalahari tribesmen who managed to go on long hunting trips without feeling hungry.

Hoodia became worldwide-known when Oprah Winfrey presented it on her show as a “highly effective slimming substance.” – Oprah has not endorsed one specific product

The Story Of Unique Hoodia

Unique Hoodia websiteIt has now adapted for the commercial market, Hoodia has been used in a wide variety of slimming products, and dieters all over the world seem to prefer Hoodia-based supplements to those that are stimulant based – hoodia is non-addictive and does not cause side effects

The only difficulty is which one to choose, as there are a really large number of such products on the market, 80% of them are manufactured in the USA, and most of them use too much hype in their advertising promotion.

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Almost all diet products claim that they are “unique” because they use the Hoodia plant in different ways.

If you are uncertain about which Hoodia diet pills or product to buy, the following details will help you:

  • Pure Hoodia Powder comes from the dried Hoodia Gordonii plant.  It is the most successful appetite suppressant and helps you lose weight fast and without any side effects.
  • Unique Hoodia comes in standard-sized 495mg capsules, and other products, which are advertised as containing 700mg, 850mg or 1000mg, simply make false claims since all vegecaps can only contain 495mg of Hoodia powder.
  • Oprah Winfrey did not endorse any specific brand of Hoodia diet pill.  The reference she made on her show concerned the excellent appetite suppressing properties of the Hoodia plant.

Recent Update on Unique Hoodia

Unique Hoodia with BioperineNow, Unique Hoodia has become even more effective.  With the addition of Bioperine, absorption of its active ingredient has become faster by 30%.  With this addition there is no other appetite suppressant with such effective results!

For dieters who want to lose weight in the most efficient way and who want best value for their money, Unique Hoodia is the only choice. Its quality and results are unrivalled and no other Hoodia-based product can match its success.

Unique Hoodia – Best Results and Best Value for Money

The most important thing that dieters should have in mind is that not all Hoodia products are the same.  There is nothing that can compare to Unique Hoodia because it is the only diet product that contains pure, raw Hoodia powder, and not a Hoodia extract which is much cheaper and less effective.

The Hoodia Godronii plant takes years before it grows enough to be harvested, dried and encapsulated.  This is the reason why Unique Hoodia is more beneficial than all other Hoodia products that do not contain raw powder but the much cheaper Hoodia extract.

Cites CertificateUnique Hoodia holds a valid CITES Certificate, which verifies that its ingredients come from the Hoodia Gordonii plant which is grown and harvested in South Africa.

Additionally, Unique Hoodia is distributed by a UK Company and the product is delivered and sold not only within the UK, but also all over the world and is very popular in the USA.

Unique Hoodia: 100% Pure Hoodia Powder

Unique Hoodia is the most effective of all diet Hoodia-based products. This diet pill contains only the raw Hoodia powder and not cheap extracts like many other Hoodia products do.

Since the product has been in use for almost a decade now, there are thousands of successful dieters whose testimonials are the best advertisement for the product, and whose recommendations have made it very popular with their friends and family.

Unique Hoodia is really unique! It contains only pure Hoodia powder and its capsules contain 495mg of this effective appetite suppressing substance.

Where Can I Buy Unique Hoodia In Australia

Unique Hoodia AustraliaUnique Hoodia is only available from the manufacturers’ official website, where, apart from reading a lot of interesting facts about Hoodia, you will be able to place your order either by filling in the online form or by phoning the company directly. Orders are shipped worldwide.

Also, by using the voucher code UH1010 you will be able to have a $10 discount on all orders.

Their customer support service is excellent and you will also be given a 6-month guarantee.

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