Vysera CLS Review, Does It Work, Positives and Negatives

vysera CLS diet pillVYSERA CLS is the latest in a long line of supplements to tout itself as a “miracle pill” for weight loss.  It goes so far as to compare itself to “eating a whole donut but only absorbing a fraction of the calories…”

It claims to help people lose weight while they maintain a diet of 2,000-2,200 calories per day!

Any product that makes such claims is worth looking into.  What it is what it really does and if it’s worth all the hype are questions explored below.

The biggest issue we have with Vysera is it’s ‘preferred customer plan’ – until we hear otherwise we are assuming this is a dressed up autoship programme that consumer should avoid all costs with ‘costs’ being the appropriate word


VYSERA CLS is a supplement pill licensed to Bremenn Clinical, U.S. a company closely associated with aesthetic skin-care products.

A check of Vysera CLS specifically returns a Vysera Biomedical Limited, out of Galway, Ireland which seems to be the company which licensed the product to Bremenn.

Although Vysera Biomedical Limited appears to have been established in 2005 and thus far shows a good consumer record, it doesn’t mean that the diet pill works.

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What Is VYSERA CLS and How Does It Work

Vysera CLS is a supplement in pill form.  Specifics are not given on the science behind how it works.  Instead, the promotional material is filled with catch phrases like “miracle pill”, “incredible compound”, and “amazing”.

There is also some scientific jargon thrown in like “randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial” which is supposed to increase consumer confidence, but the site does not go on to reveal who exactly conducted this trial, nor does it provide links to the published results, so the savvy consumer should be wary.

Key Ingredients

what are the Vysera IngredientsIngredients are not provided on the website; however a closer look at the packaging label pictured reveals the first three ingredients to be l-lysine hcl, l-arginine hcl, and Oxo-Proline (seen elsewhere as just oxoproline).

There are also two other ingredients listed, but they were not discernible even when the picture was enlarged.

The label says a serving size is 4 caplets, and there is 2.9g of the proprietary blend Vysera CLS per serving.  It does not detail how much of each ingredient is in each caplet or what percentage of the blend each ingredient holds.

However, according to United States Food and Drug Administration guidelines, ingredients need to be labelled in descending order of weight, so it is fair to assume these first three ingredients comprise the majority of this supplement.

L-lysine is an essential amino acid that is involved in building protein, calcium absorption, and enzyme, antibody and hormone production in the body.

L-arginine is an amino acid characterized in mammals as semi-essential or conditionally essential.  Essentiality depends on the age and development of the individual.  It is useful in cell division, bone and tissue repair and healing and ammonia removal.  Most people naturally produce sufficient amounts of L-arginine and do not require supplementation.

Oxo-Proline, also known as Pyroglutamic acid, is an amino acid derivative with little information available on what function it plays as a dietary supplement.

Interesting VYSERA CLS Fact

L-lysine, the main ingredient according to the label, is used to treat cold sores. (herpes simplex labialis). Before consumers think this might be an added benefit, they should know that the second ingredient, L-Arginine is not recommended for use by people who have herpes.

VYSERA CLS Media Focus

Media focus and success stories appear to be centred on a press-release distributed by Bremenn Clinical.

Any Side Effects

Nursing and pregnant women should never start any dietary plan or medication without first consulting their physician.  Without a more detailed description of the ingredients and amounts it is difficult to predict side effects for this compound.

Individually though, L-lysine is called possibly safe when taken orally at recommended dosages for up to a year, but it has been known to cause upset stomach and diarrhoea.  It is also suspect in at least one case of kidney disease, so users with kidney disease should check with their doctors.

L-arginine is also considered safe when taken orally at appropriate doses, but is known to cause abdominal pain, diarrhoea, bloating, gout, airway inflammation, blood abnormalities, worsening of asthma, allergies, and low blood pressure.

The side effects of Oxo-Proline, if any, could not be determined.

Of course, without knowing the exact amounts of each ingredient in the compound it is impossible to know what the pills provide in relation to the appropriate recommendations for the first two ingredients.

Bottom Line… Is It Recommended

Short answer:  No.  This product seems like a lot of hype with very little substance or science to back up its larger than life claims.  Additionally, the lack of independent testimonials or sources of success stories should be troubling to potential consumers.  One thing this product is open about though is the high price – $100 for a 30 day supply.

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